A Working Ego-less Evolution

At ChoiceUp, our sole aim and focus are to bring awareness to the power in choices. And with that understanding, it’s our hope that people will make decisions that produce less human-influenced suffering and affliction. Life is difficult to live on its own accord and no one should have to concern themselves with the potential adverse effects from another wanting to bring pain or harm to them. To many, this may be a pie in the sky statement as life and living are very complicated and entangled endeavors, but shouldn’t we try to strive to be the best people and species we can possibly be? Some may say human nature isn’t equipped or capable of such virtuous pursuits, but at ChoiceUp we say it’s a necessity for our self-preservation.

To reach and hopefully perpetuate this seemingly impossible (I’m possible, your possible, we’re all possible otherwise this blog wouldn’t get written and read) and lofty goal, recognition, and acceptance that we’re all in this together need to be acknowledged and accepted by all of us in our thoughts and actions. Every person should have a voice and an opportunity to be heard by everyone for the continuing evolution of humanity. If anyone is silenced, shunned, marginalized, or left out; humanity’s hope for an enduring future will be extinguished. In the past, it’s been mostly those with power, money, and influence who’s roar was the loudest that had their biding obeyed.

And why we must be careful in discerning whose voices are heard and get listened to. Only those who come from love should be heard and provided a platform to share their concerns or considerations. Humanity has experienced its share of growing pains from evolving and operating with too much profiteering, ignorance, and lack of love in people’s lives. To make things better for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status or beliefs, we need to utilize power and money’s influence in an intelligent way where compensation is provided for good productive work. Work that is meaningful and contributes to the wellness of those doing the work and everyone else.

However, a ChoiceUp world is not a utopia. Life is diverse and complex with mixtures of order and disorder, and at ChoiceUp we embrace all of it. All free people have the power to choose and make choices. And to be authentically emboldened to make good decisions, all of us must come from love as often as we can. From utilizing all the aspects of love, we can make our lives and the world a better place. Sometimes love is kindness, sometimes it’s discipline, but it’s never victim-hood or bullying. It’s dependent on the circumstance and situation as to what kind of action is required by love. We should be a compassionate people, but when empathy becomes enabling we’re beyond the scope of love and the possibility of contributing good productive work.

For a lasting evolution and less species self-inflicted pain, money’s value should be at minimum secondary in its power and influence after love. But money has been and what will continue to make the world go around as its the fuel for a global economy. It’s what we use to pay for goods and services. Money in and of itself is not a good or bad thing, it’s simply a currency tool used for commerce. Everyone should have the opportunity to make as much money as they desire doing good productive work. But those who profit from the exploitation of others need to stop or be stopped, or humanity will stop. Love is good and money inert, and why there is no place for greed if humanity wants to continue to proliferate. By making the playing field as fair and incorrupt as possible, everyone benefits; everyone.

Greenbacks are green for many reasons but most notably as an anti-counterfeiting measure. When they were developed for currency, photos could only be taken in black or white. It’s also green because green is associated with stability and growth. And for humanity to thrive or at least survive a lasting evolution, compensation should only be awarded for good productive work. To transplant from a less social competent world to a more social competent one, everyone needs a green capitalistic thumb where monetary decisions sprout from love. We can’t collectively reach for a canopy of better choices if the nutrients of love aren’t spread by everyone. For anything to grow or at least survive, all working parts must work with other working parts.

The biggest impediment to our fractal thoughts, decisions, and working together is the ever-present ego. Anyone alive or at least anyone capable of making a choice has an ego. We can’t live or make decisions without it. Everyone should embrace and love their ego as like money it’s inert. But the ego is easily threatened and thrives off fear. It wants to be the best most beautiful perfect thing ever and there’s nothing wrong with that pursuit. But when others are harmed in acquiring a status or image, everyone gets hurt; everyone. If it’s fair and you compare, you will despair is a tenet of ChoiceUp as recognizing the ego’s superfluous and pruning desires is paramount for making good choices. Spirit is free and invincible to all that and the ego itself. And for a working ego-less evolution, all of us must buy into spirit’s guidance for recognizing the ego’s stunting ambitions.  And planting the seeds of love whenever and wherever we can will ensure such an investment flourishes.