ChoiceUp was conceived by founder Michael Prues in December 2012 during the aftermath of the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Like so many, Michael was shocked and troubled by what had befallen those innocent children that day.  He had a difficult time grasping and accepting all the events and choices that led to such a preventable tragedy.  The trail of poor decisions that manifested such an appalling outcome is what sparked the name ChoiceUp.  In February 2015, Michael formed the company ChoiceUp, LLC and launched the website choiceup.com in December 2016.  Michael’s hope for the business is to spread awareness about the power in choices and reduce human-influenced suffering.

Michael was raised in a large Catholic family and is the tenth of eleven children.  Being the penultimate child from such a large family gave him more freedom in his upbringing than most.  During the framing of the business, Michael recollected and reflected on many of the decisions he made with such a flexible childhood.  He realized it was the support, guidance, and love of his parents that helped him manage all the circumstances and uncertainty in life.  It is his hope to share that same support with others so more people are more equipped and encouraged to make good sustainable decisions in their life.

Now as an adult, husband, and father of two, Michael is saddened by the lack of values and the pervasive human-influenced suffering that exists in so many lives.  From growing older and being a parent, he sees everyone as an extension of himself and his family, and wants ChoiceUp to be a guide for alleviating as much human-influenced pain as possible.  Michael’s hope is that a critical mass will ChoiceUp in their personal and public lives so humanity can be the best it can be.  ChoiceUp is a clarion call to humanity for a more just and sustainable world, where everyone makes the necessary sustainable choices required for humanity’s self-preservation.