Affliction from Addiction™

For all of us to be our best selves, dis-ease prevention and accountability of our health should be at the top of the list.  Our bodies are our connection to this Universe and without sensible consideration of them, we become a burden to ourselves and others.  But with life super complicated and entangled, many health issues arise unexpectedly.  For instance, when accidents happen, or when someone is genetically predisposed to an ailment, they deserve the best support and treatment available.   And when alcohol, drugs, or prescribed medications become the dominant concern for someone and they fall for perpetual unhealthy behavior through addiction, they need access to help and care that can help make them whole again.  But eventually the abuser needs to find the will to be accountable for their actions.  Everyone has challenges and why we need to support each other.  But when empathy becomes enabling and responsibility for a choice is dismissed or ignored, independence from a dependency is impossible.  Life in all forms and processes require balance and self-regulation, and why conditions need to be made where everyone desires to live the longest healthiest life possible and not fall to the prey of addiction.