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The Invisible Hand

Sonic hedgehog, no not the character from the video game, but a signaling protein named for its spikey makeup is responsible for tissue and limb growth.  All of us should give gratitude to this protein as it allowed our simian bodies through evolution to make symmetrical legs, arms, and hands.  The protein continues to regulate the proliferation of adult stem cells when the body stops growing.  Unfortunately, when it doesn’t manage cell division properly, rampant uncontrolled cells can turn malignant sickening, and possibly killing their host body.  Cells that don’t die or get replenished and grow unabated are called cancer cells.  The English economist John Stuart Mill said many years ago, “The Earth will lose its pleasantness from unlimited growth and extirpate it.”  Throughout its herstory, humans have innovated using their soft tissue brains and boney hands to make today’s comfortable and connected world, but it can’t absorb further the unregulated protection of power that divides making things on Earth more and more unpleasant.

Environmentalist or not, seen or unseen, human detritus is everywhere, including space.  Even the most remote parts of the earth can’t escape Homo sapiens’ footprint.  Most of our species today are fortunate to have all the conveniences and connectivity of a contemporaneous life when compared to our ancestors, but to keep it sustainable, balance and its counterpart symmetry are essential.  Avarice and the protection of power are making our species lopsided.  The overleveraging of life’s inherent requirement for balance and symmetry, writ large, is our greatest threat.  Protectionism controls what should be free-flowing markets and is creating excessive social and environmental stress by keeping people in silos and limiting opportunity.  Regulations intended to keep unbridled laissez-faire capitalism and monopolies get overlooked limiting freedoms and accessibility for all.  Like a toddler learning to walk for mobility, our species seems to be slowly getting its social and environmental feet under itself, but will it get past the “mine” phase?

A dolmen has more stability on a surface than a single freestanding pole unless affixed deeply.  It’s not surprising humans evolved a bi-pedal gate similar to a moving dolmen or like the Imperial Walkers from the movie The Empire Strikes Back.  Nature has provided bodies with symmetry for balance, including arms and hands.  All spheres of humanity require this simple edict for sustainability and simply less suffering.  In the realm of technological advancements, data in authoritarian regimes keep track of their citizens and rate allegiance for level of opportunity knowingly.  Democracy is associated with free markets, but with the use of biased algorithms manifested from man’s discriminatory history, those inequitable transgressions are now entrenched in the code and done mostly unconsciously.  Ego exists on the surface and humanity has to go deeper depths to see it and for fixing problems.  There’s still too much of it wobbling the sphere of humanity off balance.  Spirit is our essential self that’s always connected to the mysterynet of the unknown and not the egonet of daily life.  Spirit is rooted deeper and provides the balance and stability necessary for social and environmental sustainability.  Like a toddler in the most natural way understanding deeper how to operate in the world, so must humanity.

If our species wants a safe, just, and enjoyable world, human capital is the greatest commodity and resource available.  The neoclassical economist Alfred Marshall said, “The most value of all capital is that invested in human beings.”  We need to stop categorizing people and limiting opportunity.  Adam Smith, considered the father of modern economics referenced an invisible hand that guides transactional self-interest in a capitalistic economy.  Free monitored markets are the best system for prosperity as self-interest is a natural tendency similar to traveling on an airplane and instructed to place a mask on your person first before others.  But for it to work, genuine equanimity and opportunity are a must.  Overt protectionism is of the ego and it keeps social and environmental solutions from surfacing.  Ego has had its day in the sun in our evolution, but now it’s time to let spirit have its chance and make a step for humanity’s stability.  Weighing the status of things with symmetrical arms outstretched, it’s easy to see some hands are more invisible than others.  Balanced choices for yourself, others, and the planet is something a toddler can learn.  An understanding for the rest of us because suffering isn’t a game.       


One of the most inquisitive and prodigious minds was Einstein.  He upended our species understanding of the cosmos from the very small of the quantum to the large unimaginable size of the universe as a whole.  Born in Germany to a secular Jewish family, his unintuitive far-stretching and mind-bending accomplishments happened in Europe during the early 20th century.  Like everyone, Einstein had trials and tribulations in his personal life.  And like everyone, most of his problems were self-created as he was a philanderer.  He lived the repercussions from those personal decisions and they’re not to be praised, but his professional contributions are second to none.  He was also a pacifist caring deeply about humanity and its fate.  And as a refugee having been born into a particular religion, and from the rise of nationalism and fascism, he knew all too well the capabilities of ego’s ignorance and its ability to divide and cast inequality.

Humans are a tribal species and crave validation for their existence.  Parts of an identity comes from an icon, authority, or leader.  And with technology making us a more interdependent species, stark inequities in how society functions are coming to light.  But letting go of old habits for growth and wholesomeness isn’t easy.  This has caused a bifurcation in humanity of those keeping the status quo and others who are open to sustainable social change.  Einstein said, “All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development according to the individual.”  This declaration needs to be heeded and available to all.  And for the unencumbered option and chance for a person to achieve their desired dreams, there must be an egalitarian environment in civil and civic constructs.  Removing all obstacles, including biases of ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, and education needs to be done by all.  But shifting to a fairer and more inclusive place takes everyone to accept evidence-based facts.  But being tribal, we only acknowledge the facts that fit our side and view.

Identity politics fomented by biased medias, social media’s algorithmic-induced echo chambers, and ease of information from the egonet has made punditry a pastime.  Everyone’s qualified in everything and we’re all know-it-alls.  Parties, corporations, and institutions stoke and profiteer off ego’s ignorance and incite adversarial perceptions of one another.  Tocqueville stated, “The American republic will endure until the congress discovers it can bribe the public with its money.”  This has been a long-stapled perennial practice, but with the internet’s intended use for connecting and transparency, the well-heeled have dug-in to preserve this unsustainable convention through gullible digestion of disinformation.  Probity, creating less suffering, and the sustainability of our species come from embracing and employing evidence-based facts whether they fit our beliefs or not.  Many narratives are of the ego and their consumption is a reflection of our divided world.  Einstein said, “More the knowledge, lesser the ego; lesser the knowledge, more the ego…”

Everyone is responsible for their behavior irrespective of past influences.  January sixth’s sedition or the lawless wake of violence and vandalism from the murder of George Floyd, were examples of emotionally charged mobs.  The individual morphed into a collective one-minded reckless tsunami with little regard for their actions.  Our species has come a long way in how we treat one another, but too many are still guided by misplaced values and beliefs.  With the mind controlling decisions, all of us have to be accountable for what we ingest, and the conduct it manifests.  More of us need to have the courage to be open to educating ourselves about evidence-based facts, and not disregard data that doesn’t fit our belief system or agenda.  It’s the only way to stop mind exploitations.  Einstein said, “Few are those that see with their own eyes and feel with their own heart.”

Einstein’s seminal contributions to science are Special and General relativity, but he received the Noble Prize for his work on the photoelectric effect because many of his peers couldn’t wrap their minds around relativity.  Without getting too technical, for macro-objects like people, there isn’t a privileged frame of reference for how an object, including a person, experiences the universe.  He revealed the equivalencies and interdependencies of nature.  His field equations show acceleration and gravity, time and space, energy and time, and matter and energy are interchangeable and equal.  The formula E=MC² states that energy and matter are the same, and it’s the speed of light squared that gives them their power.  All of us are made of matter, exist in spacetime, and move on a rock through space, and our empowerment is light.  The actuality of nature gleaned by Einstein and other scientists needs to be the foundation for how we operate as a species.  Different perspectives are divine and provide a spectrum of views that are relatable and relative to everyone, but they will lead us into the dark if they’re not based on reality and facts.

All of us looking into our belief silos and winnow away what’s real or not will do wonders for the world.  We can’t escape beliefs.  And they’re being used to make enemies of one another for power and profit.  Europe was in the throes of WW I when Einstein formulated General relativity and said, “The powerful will forever be able to make people hate one another.”  Soon thereafter he became a refuge from the anti-Semitic fervor taking over his homeland and moved to America.  This blinkered mind mob led to the atrocities of the holocaust and WW II.  Our essence is light, but from ego we label things and people based on pigment color, religion, geographic area, or language.  Equanimity in opportunity isn’t possible until everyone sees, acknowledges, and treats one another in the unbiased authentic way nature made us and the universe.  One last quote from Einstein, “I believe in standardizing cars not human beings”.  Unlike in the past, most today have the freedom of choice.  And to dispel the shadows of ignorance from ego, cultivating the mind to its inherent, natural, and authentic home of illumination is necessary for species-supportive decisions.  If we want to stop repeating history, all of us need to ChoiceUp and come from the equator and not the poles.         

Blinded by Bias

Every thing is physical.  And the physical attributes of any one species arose from its evolutionary adaptations.  And it’s no different for humans.  The physical traits and behaviors from the procreators of our species like diet and exercise influence how one generation to the next will look and act.  But all humans, whether they have offspring or not, are influenced by their epigenetics.  Quality of life like breathing, thinking, and behaving or any of the myriad of markers for wholesomeness or lack thereof, create our epigenetics in real-time.  Epigenetic transmutations occur immediately and get expressed in genes regardless of activity.  And for a lasting humanity, all of us need to embrace and make decisions that support wholesome involuntary and volition-based behaviors.  Our shared interpretation of reality, however it’s viewed or felt, is a physical process.  And the only way to improve it is for more wholesome behavioral choices from all of us.

Humanity is a part of the natural order of things.  And it’s essential for our species to emulate and function by its inherent traits of cause and effect that are employed in a balanced and supportive way for a life to thrive.  But for that to happen, all of us need to be open to what works and what doesn’t in human action.  And with most necessities met in developed nations, and the autonomic instinct for survival satisfied, ignorance from man’s ego is humanity’s greatest threat.  Ego isn’t manmade but gone unnoticed, it opaques the spirit of openness required for the betterment of our species.  It’s glaringly obvious how unbalanced human history is from ego’s ignorance and close-mindedness.  And for stability and to curate humanity for the better, keep what works, but be willing to let go of unsustainable social and environmental practices that don’t work or align with the natural order of things.

Ego’s disregard for the cost and pain from unsustainable social and environmental practices are becoming too taxing and toxic to tolerate.  Every thing physically existing, living or not, has its tipping point. And the powers within humanity from ego are producing too much stress, suffering, and dis-ease from unconsidered decisions.  The hierarchal systems of power that have worked for these words to be written and you to read need a significant adjustment and filtering.  Catholic writer Daniel Schwindt wrote, “Egotism springs from blind instinct and wrongheaded thinking.  It comes from defects of intelligence and mistakes of the heart.  It blights the seed of every virtue.”  All of us bear the burden for a wholesome just world.  As historian Alexis de Tocqueville states, “When a republic (or humanity) has a relaxed love of present enjoyments and lose interest in the future of our descendants, it will fail.”     

Wholesomeness in all forms animate or not is a concentric and stratified affair.  For matter, an atom has nucleons in the center balanced by an electron cloud for it to exist and be whole.  The arrangement for wholesome stability is the same for all elements and molecules – especially the noble gases.  They’re called noble because they’re inert and so whole they’re not affected by other elements.  All of us need to strive for this kind of holistic wholesomeness and nobility.  Not the hierarchal nobility from social ranking and man’s ego, but the wholesomeness found in cells that make for a healthy global body.  Our senses are saturated by so many influences today, that it’s doesn’t seem possible to be completely virtuous and noble.  And why all of us, irrespective of measure in having it together, need to be open to embracing wholesomeness and not let the fractured thinking of ego get in the way. 

A living human body is more bacteria and viruses than human cells.  This wholesome homeostasis is achieved by balancing the influences of all the moving parts.  Man’s ego has indoctrinated and consigned too many to unbalanced unsavory conditions. And for a more fair and healthy assimilation of humans into humanity, our species needs more openness and less ego. It’s all very complicated and entangled, especially today with the Egonet.  But we glean from and lean on Tocqueville’s pillars of insight again for social and environmental sustainability, “The health of a republic (or humanity) is measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens (or humanity).”  Our world is formed from choices and we don’t have the physical room for closeminded divisive decisions from ego anymore.

Einstein’s E=MC² states that physical matter and energy are equal and not hierarchal. However C, light squared, gives them the power to exist.  Every thing has power thanks to light. And for humanity to get along with itself and the planet, all of us need to be part of the natural order of things and be our light of empowerment. All of us in humanity who can see, feel, and be their empowerment in a balanced and wholesome way, the less chance for ego to be blinded by bias.    

Chance for Better

The universe and life exist through a dynamic dance of balance and an inherent trait for making mutually benefiting decisions.  Choices made with the intent to support, stabilize, and strengthen the decision-maker, others, and planet is the most natural and comprehensive way for species’ sustainability.  Humanity has progressed in ways unimaginable to those who lived only a century ago, but much of that progression happened from ego’s linear unbalanced thinking manifesting a lot of pain and conflict.  The span of our evolution had room to absorb these growing pains of progress, but with more people on the planet than ever and the interconnectedness of everything, the chances for a wholesome lasting future aren’t limitless.  And why all of us living today need to change the way we think to lessen destructive unbalanced decisions that threaten ourselves, others, and the planet.

Humanity’s recursive history dominated primarily by white privileged males is how our species progressed until recently.  It’s rife with injustice, but it’s also done a lot of good and worked to get us to today.  However, there was space and time for the better angels of our species to shine a light on the darkness of those regrettable acts of progress.  Humanity’s spacetime is closing for a wholesome and enduring future.  Acceptance of this fact by everyone is essential for fundamentally transforming one-sided, linear, and unbalanced thinking to inclusive, balanced, more multi-dimensional thinking.  All of us need to let go of our stale and conditioned habits of divisive thought for fresh holistic openness that lessens the stress on humanity and the planet.  Our species and the Earth simply can’t sustain the alienating shadows of ego any further.    

Hierarchies exist in many different species and what has worked for ours to have all the stuff and conveniences of today.  But with humanity’s spacetime for wholesome sustainable living shortening, letting go of stratified and unfair modes of operation that function on control is required to lengthen our evolution to its fullest potential.  With everyone having a voice and connectivity ever-present, empowering everyone is essential for a just and prosperous future.  Control of many by a few has to be replaced by empowering everyone.  By realizing that a choice, regardless of its size or consequence, is measured in how it affects the decision-maker, others, and the planet, in proportion to the decision-maker’s power, is how we empower everyone.  All of us from simply being a participant in living and observing are more powerful than we know.  And recognition of this power and to self-actualize it for better decisions by everyone is essential for a more competent species.  If we stay the course of archaic hierarchical control, the more impoverished and less prosperous everyone will be, regardless of their power.

Options are inherent in nature where nothing is set-in-stone.  Everything is a process, albeit some things seem permanent or move at a glacial pace due to limited human sense, but nature is always on the move.  The past is causal where one event influences another to become reality and what we call history, but the unfurling of the future is open and unknown to nature and us.  Yes, in googol years from now spacetime will be so large and energy diffused that it can’t work to do anything or make stuff anymore, but for our concerns now we need not worry about such large spacetime scales.¹  Our immediate threat for a lasting wholesome humanity is ourselves.  And why utilizing nature’s inherent function of options, where processes are not set-in-stone until actualized, and put together to produce reality, needs to be a guide for human volition so we can create the reality we crave.

COVID-19 has starkly brought to our attention our shared humanity, vulnerabilities, and mortality.  It’s been a complete pain in the ass for us to operate normally and have the ability to do the things we’re accustomed to.  But it’s also shined a light on humanity’s better angels of today, who help others by placing themselves in harm’s way and elevate themselves above the instinct for self-preservation and survival.  They’re metahumans and mature adults who put courage over fear and what’s needed now by a critical mass to overcome the childish divisive ways of ego that threaten all of us.  Social and environmental solutions can’t come from hierarchical control in any form; institutionally, corporately, or personally.  It has to come from empowering everyone, so all of us can participate in, and contribute to, our species in a constructive supportive way like those on the front lines.

 COVID-19 has also taken advantage of humanity for its survival.  Now let’s take advantage of it, and the species collaboration and shared mission it’s provided us to combat it.  Our species needs a critical mass to continue to stand together against the pathogen of ignorance after the virus’s impact is mitigated.  Ego’s misplaced values and ignorance are humanity’s greatest threat that manifests from a person’s inability to recognize, acknowledge, or have the will to dispel its linear and unbalanced way of thinking. We don’t have the spacetime for generational divisive thinking to continue. We need more multi-dimensional, balanced, and inclusive thinking that’s essential for a brighter tomorrow. Where the openness of our thinking is proportional to the openness of the future, and give ourselves the best chance for a better, wholesome, and lasting humanity.

¹ It’s called heat death from the second law of thermodynamic and the leading theory by cosmologists.  There are other theories and possible options for the universe’s fate like the Big Bounce, but we simply don’t know.  However, we’re here together now, and empowering everyone for better choices is the best way forward for how our species evolves.     


Please Your Present

Human life is made from choices and they happen in a person’s moment.  Not “the moment” as there isn’t a fundamental collective time (or place) shared by people or particles, but take place in a person’s own particular present.  Instinctively and through sense conditioning it doesn’t seem believable, but thanks to science and Einstein’s relative spacetime, we understand better the true nature of Nature and how we fit in it.  And if a critical mass (literally) embraces and accepts what our species collectively knows to be factual about the world and how it works, the better the chance for better choices and how we relate to one another.  All of which happens in your fresh, innocent, and uncontaminated present moment.

But no one is an island, especially as the Earth gets smaller and smaller.  And everyone’s space and time are as entangled as ever, and why the need for good species-supportive decisions are more important now than in the past.  Human history is fraught with inhumane deplorable acts, but there was more space and time for those growing pains to occur in the past, and the events to be absorbed into our evolution.  The planet is finite, and we don’t have the leisure of boundless space and time for nearsighted unsustainable decisions.  From today’s vast compressed communications, everyone feels and senses the effects from too many bad, short-term, one-group-gain decisions.  There simply isn’t enough room (hence time) on the planet for ignorance and overt selfishness that divides, discriminates, and exploits.

Evil is ignorance.  However, there’s hope that the self-imposed hell we place on ourselves and each other from selfish stupid decisions is fixable.  But to mitigate it, fact-finding for everyone is imperative.  Not by using our limited senses as they don’t provide the whole story, or lazily allowing the ever-increasing saturation of disinformation to satisfy beliefs, but from consuming objective falsifiable facts.  Too many humans place too much credence in a significance that doesn’t require an adaptive utility.  Meaning too many of us want to believe our personal beliefs and are not open to facts, and in doing so create misplaced values.  Ill-natured behavior is evil and a wickedness that comes from a lack of support in comprehending and accepting what our species collectively understands to be factual about the world around us.    

So much of our time is online where beliefs are increasingly usurping facts.  Verifiable information from a few outlets use to be how the public got informed on daily events.  But now everyone has a platform for their opinion and version of the news, and too often taken as factual.  Big tech is exploiting our ignorance from disinformation by seducing us to click on anything factual or not for profit.  Internet users are like cattle being milked from gas lighting, sensationalism, and disinformation.¹ We’re now so connected, social solutions have to come from everyone and not a select few.  But the remedies have to come from seeing and accepting facts and the willingness to remove belief blinders.  Data from our clicking is an artifact of our present moment in spacetime and sadly the profiteers looking for value from data don’t have to mine very deep.

Humanity craves a different kind of us, but for positive change and to satisfy everyone’s appetite for a better more authentic species, we need the long view and vigilance with our volition.  But it takes the unifying immutability of facts to do it.  For example, water, H²O is a necessary component for human life.  And the more humanity adapts and aligns itself to its characteristics in how it functions, the better our species ability to work and flow.  Water’s holistic attributes as a molecule, and its existence since the beginning of spacetime demonstrates its lasting power and presence.  Remember chemistry class and how the most stable molecules and compounds, including water, have their atomic shells full?  This balanced and sound arrangement is no different for a person or humanity.  Everyone’s need to feel whole and of worth from having a purpose is a universal trait that is lacking in humanity and what most crave.

Water is matter, and like all matter including people, we contribute to forming spacetime and our present from entropy and the time/energy relationship.  These are esoteric, abstract, and non-intuitive concepts but factual.  They hint at the power a person possesses, but from a lack of exposure to facts and conditioning, the broad brush of belief fills the void.  Many people are “educated” but still have bad intent that usually comes from a belief, and why a pedagogy of facts is so important for ethical responsibility.  Life is very complicated, but nature shares her secrets for our species’ sustainability if we remove belief blinders and simply look at the world around as genuinely as we can.  This will lead to more authentic decisions that matter most for how our species’ evolution unfolds.  Most of the molecules in the human body are water, don’t you think we should listen to them?

Water is used to clean, and to clean up the bad stuff in humanity we look again to water.  Water is nature’s solvent for renewing things, including biological functions like homeostasis.  Water defies gravity with its surface tension allowing trees to absorb it through small hollow tubes in their trunks.  And if we stretch our minds further, water in vapor form is clear and works its way up to the atmosphere to form clouds where it falls again as rain.  Modeling the cyclical lasting attributes of water would do wonders for our species ability to function sustainably.  Humans and water are more alike than we think, and unfortunately it shows in how we get on with one another.

Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and expecting different results is insanity”.  Everyone has to consider their thinking and believing, and make choices from tangible real facts and what’s collectively known about reality, a healthy human life, and all their components to exist sustainably before any intangible unprovable beliefs.  There isn’t enough spacetime for infighting among our species as there once was.  Everyone has to be a steward of their life, the earth, and the internet, all of which happens in the power of their present and the demarcation point of their past and future.  Spacetime, matter, and energy all work and related to one another so life can exist. Everything is Saved by Zero, as The Fixx song states.  So in our personal river of spacetime where we ebb and flow, lets remove impediments of disinformation and be open to facts so we can please our present the way the world around us does.  And the best way to do it is to ChoiceUp.

¹  Joan Donovan 2020 “Truth Activism” Scientific American Volume 323 Number 5 Pages 35-38   


Surrender the Silos

People are predisposed to conditioning.  And with fringed and unfettered egos having more and more influence, the necessity for facts and their immersion into everyone’s life is more important than ever.  Humanity’s world is made from choices, and decisions swayed by disinformation is detrimental not just to humanity, but life in general.  Everyone’s openness for assimilating factual information into their behavior and decision-making is imperative for the least amount of conflict and suffering.  Truths are provisional from one person to the next but facts are immutable, and why the access and integration of them need to be embraced for authentic conditioning, sanity, and species sustainability.

Humanity is young from an evolutionary perspective and evident from our behavior and divisiveness.  The allure and retention of power supersede and obfuscate facts.  We’re too eager to fight and persuade others to follow misguided values based on disinformation.  And why media is becoming more editorial than factual wherever it’s found.  Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would bring balance to lopsided news and do wonders to lessen our fractured humanity.  But like a toddler unwilling to share a toy, media will only deploy what they want people to digest and not give the whole story.  Propaganda exploits conditioning and keeps heads in the sand.  Sadly, biased news has become an everyday run-of-the-mill practice, and why an openness to various sources is essential for finding facts for a more mature mankind.

Plants aren’t mobile and why they disseminate seed in various ways to find the most favorable conditions for their progeny.  And with humans occupying and leaving their chaff on every corner of the globe, people have no place to go but up for finding more favorable conditions.  Technology will eventually allow humans to physically inhabit space, but it’s going to be a while.  So in the meantime, everyone on terra firma needs to make decisions based on facts and not beliefs for the best world possible and future generations.  Unbridled greed, ignorance, and exploitations need to be bundled up, shredded, and composted for better outcomes to sprout.  But it takes everyone to winnow away their belief biases and replacing them with facts for improved results.  Humanity grows the way the wind blows and why we need more rubbernecking and tolerance to opposing views for unearthing facts.  In a Uni-verse with a precious planet that has life; people and plants aren’t that different, but the former can’t exist without the time-proven example and nurturing of the latter. 

Real physical facts are the light required to combat belief blinders that limit ideological bandwidths and manifest divisiveness.  Life is a physical process and the ecosystem of humanity needs to operate within its guidelines for sustainability.  With everything a physical process, including the thinking and believing that form behaviors, sowing of facts will yield higher, more competent unbiased decisions.  Einstein’s E=MC² states that matter and energy are interchangeable and light (C) is in both, and it provides power for both.  Light is reality, how facts are found, and the real power for guidance.  And if we continue to let the shadows of ego and special interest dominate how our species works, the light of life and reality will exist without humans.

It’s amazing what our species can do and what we understand about physical processes like how flowers bloom, but we can do better by being open to discovering more.  But with all we know, the uncertainty and mysteriousness of Nature hasn’t been revealed or pinned down and probably won’t be any time soon, if ever.  Unsurprisingly from the youth of humanity, a large portion attributes the unknown to a deity and an orthodoxy that accompanies it.  The rest are atheist, antitheist, or agnostic with their own set of pronouncements.  Having no beliefs is a belief.  We can’t escape them.  But whatever end of the spectrum of beliefs or politics, suffering is known by all.  And in this nuanced, entangled, and complicated Universe, the light of facts need to be available and embraced by all for less suffering and the preservation of our species.  So let’s all surrender our silos and plant the seeds of ChoiceUp in the decisions we make for cultivating the best conditions for humanity to grow.    

Valley of Values

Our species has become a supraorganism occupying every corner of the globe with information and disinformation easily transferred.  Assimilation of authentic, unbiased, and objective data that’s available to all is necessary for social competency.  But for that to happen, our species has to ascend beyond the fray of man’s ego.  Humanity has become so wild, unwieldy, and divisive towards one another from ignorance, ego, and greed.  Too many of us are too easily mislead into forming unfounded belief blinders that divide and create myopic views.  From an impersonal technology and application, those misguided views are reaffirmed by others or a perceived authority that justifies and confirms our biases.  Too many of us seek affirmation, not information.

Ignorance and greed from an unconsidered ego have usurped our capacity for humanism and prosocial acts.  Tolerating bad behavior for the preservation of power is pitting one against another and depriving freedoms on either side of the political fence.  People have always been abused and used as pons for the game of gaining or retaining power and influence, but we’ve run out of space and ego-room for personal freedoms to reign – and suffering isn’t a game.  This finite sphere our species occupies and dominates isn’t getting any bigger, and we need to learn to get along with one another for species sustainability.  Whether you’re a secular humanist or religious fundamentalist, you are a part of humanity.  It’s incumbent upon all to be responsible stewards to ourselves, others, and the planet.  It’s not about altruism or saintliness as everyone possesses all the good and bad in them, but species supportive decisions that best sustain oneself, others, and the planet.  The world has become too small for overt selfishness and stupidity.

The tentacles of technology and the dissemination of instant information and disinformation is overwhelming our ability to cope with ourselves, others, and the planet.  The long and deep wide breadth of our species tactile evolution has been replaced by an indifferent and immediate mind-meld causing social fatigue.  Finding significance and support for our beliefs doesn’t require an adaptive utility, meaning closed-mindedness is keeping us from being open to other views for species adaptation and survival.  To rectify social structural detriments, there needs to be more tolerance for opposing views and positions.  Entrenched intransigence inhibits the flow that’s inherent to all life.  The higher and broader social schisms forged, the wider the gulf for remedies.  It takes a lot less effort to stop a trickle than a tsunami.  

No one is an island and why vigilance of volition, especially when deployed with technology, is more important than ever.  All voices have never been louder and it’s upending the status quo of systemic injustices, but feeling indignant doesn’t always equate to being right.  And why inherent in our voices and social solutions must be the use of objective unbiased data.  Acceptance by all of what’s collectively known about the environment and personal health and development needs to be heeded by all.  But we have to be willing and open to get out of our comfort silos where our belief blinders reside.  This is a necessary step for freedom and prosocial judgment and action.  Sadly, the greatest threat to our species isn’t a virus or volcano, but ourselves.  But there’s hope in a power that everyone possesses, and that power is volition.  So, let’s all ChoiceUp and make our outputs equal to or greater than our inputs for species sustainability.  How else do we narrow the growing incision of ignorance and greed and elevate the valley of values?

Lack of Love

Humans worship their beliefs whether they’re aware of it or not.  Humans justify actions based on those beliefs creating confirmation biases.  The confluence of impressions that manifest bias or belief has created a myriad of mental dispositions interacting with one another.  These varied and complex attitudes are becoming more prominent and entangled from the ease of access to technology.  Everyone having a voice is the impetus for how our species evolves into the future.  This has made the functioning of society more transparent, fair, and inclusive, but these traits are based primarily on wealth or lack thereof.

Naturally, humans are more than ego’s desire to acquire or experiencing things, and for cultural competency and species’ sustainability, all of us need to elevate love above money in value.  Love is our essence.  And the more of us who come from love and have more authentic natural beliefs instead of manmade mirages from money, the healthier and more sustainable our engagements.  Ask anyone not lacking basic needs what they value most, and more often than not the response is loved ones.

The emergence of social media has given everyone a megaphone to the masses.  Technology has brought our species to a place of virtual hyper-sociality.  In their book Survival of the Friendliest, Vanessa Woods and Brian Hare share how our species Homo sapiens won-out over other hominids like Neandertals by working together.  They say our species survived because we possess what they call cooperative communication. 

Cooperative communication provides social tolerance for humanity to self-domesticate where various groups collaborated on cultural innovations and passed them on to ensuing generations.  This cooperation afforded our species to flourish to the ends of the earth.  But this same capacity for friendliness and shared values that have allowed our species to evolve to today can also make bonds and alliances so strong that when threatened manifest aggression and cruelty toward others.  The most egregious example of group hostility is war.

But without group generational cooperation, we wouldn’t have all the comforts and things of a contemporaneous life like sanitation and access to basic needs.  We have ways to go to ensure their availability for all, but in developed parts of the world that have them, we need to have more empathy and gratitude.  We fight over indulgences.  We now have the capacity, freedom, and leisure for valuing wants and desires over needs.  The divisive energy and mindsets placed on monitoring greed, jealousy, and unjust acquisition of power and money through a lens of victimhood and entitlement are ripping our humanity apart.  Everyone should strive for a just and sustainable future, but too many of us are mired in blaming others instead of fixing ourselves first.  It’s a complex world, but allowing ego and readily available outlets to confirm our biases through media, social, religious, or political groups, are threatening our species continuing evolution.

Intransigence and not being open to other views from conditioning and belief blinders are keeping humanity from reckoning with its interrelationships.  Opposing stances are glorious and enrich options for problems, but being stuck in the mud or swamp impedes life’s inherent need to flow to exist.  Wherever you sit on the political fence and get information, please know you’re not getting the whole story.  The extent of the ego to see itself is incredulous, and it’s simply too easy to find support for biases in today’s world.  Humans evolved with two eyes, two ears, and one mouth.  We need to let Nature be our guide and not man’s ego.

We need to relearn how to get along with others.  We can’t let the paradoxes of our evolution keep us from being our best.  COVID19 has demonstrated there is no out-group.  As Woods and Hare say, “We self-domesticated so we could relate to each other, (open to) making contact with another ideology, culture, or race for everyone’s benefit.”  But our contacts and physical engagements have been lessening before the pandemic from technology.  All of us need to get familiar with gratitude and empathy, and know less victimhood and entitlement.  And for that we need love.

But love is a contact sport especially for empathy and standing in another’s shoes.  And even though the world has gotten a lot smaller since Neolithic times, humanity’s mind-meld and isolation are increasing.  And to stop and dig out of the virtual cacophony of crap everyone is exposed to every day so humanity can be its best, everyone needs to be open to other ideas and beliefs.  We need to let the threads of love that have weaved our physical personal history to extend to the larger net of others for humanity’s continuing evolution.  The ease, desire, and exploitations of an impersonal internet cannot be our guide.  Feel, be, and envision what you value most, and that gives hope to our shared humanity.  How else do we lessen destructive values and lack of love in the world?

Love Enforcement

In free countries, laws are the restraints for social order and freedom.  But history is replete with unbalanced and unfair laws that favor a group over others.  Through species evolution, humanity developed social caste systems from oligarchical monarchies.  Privileged families with generational rule and their aristocracy subjugating the rest of the population were nascent and crude attempts at social order.  Yet however unfair, tyrannical, or corrupt; such myopic rule provided humanity the ability to evolve, look past what was, and glean the discriminations of monarchies.  It provided the opportunity to envision a better, more balanced world where everyone has a voice and the hierarchies of the past gone.  However, with the well-intended development of republics and rule by the people, the shadows of prejudice from democracy’s framers made less bright a future of equanimity and justice for all.  Humanity is brightening the future with today’s blessed unrest, but balance, peace, and unity are essential for real lasting colorblindness.  And we hope that this social distilling brings clarity to everyone’s choices for a truly colorblind world. 

A republic and its democracy are the most natural, sustainable, and concomitant way for civic discourse and rule.  Nothing is perfect as entropy rules, but we can have a better union and society with more fusion, and less fission and fracturing.  Facts don’t lie and there is systemic institutional racism.  And to mitigate it, we can’t keep looking through the political power lens of red, blue, or green for authentic sustainable solutions.  The spectrum of colors we see and use for labels are a reflection from one light.  A light that doesn’t experience spacetime and can’t be seen in its pure distilled form.  A light Einstein used to understand the Laws of Nature which humanity is a part.  And for the best world possible, all of us need to recognize and implement light’s inherent property of oneness in how we operate in our lives.  Life is the prism that refracts light’s oneness and allows for it and us to see and be.  We create our world through choices; we see and are what we want to see and be, and why equal opportunity for all is a must.  Light is colorblind and so is its intrinsic human quality we call love.  And for sustainable law and order, everyone needs to see, know, and experience love.

The absence of love in people’s lives and prioritizing money and power above it are clouding humanity’s ability to function sustainably.  Love provides the spectrum of possibilities for life and the framework for finding sustainable solutions to humanity’s problems.  Its inherent quality of balance is a necessary component for anything that lasts.  And the opaque denseness and weight of humanity’s head and ego are weighing on everyone’s heart and mudding our collective ability to see clearly and be colorblind.  We’re committing intellectual suicide by cutting off access to hearts.  There can’t be thinking intelligence without emotional intelligence, and the misconceived value and priority of money and the envy that it manifests has created beliefs and confirmation biases that justify a tolerance for inhuman behavior.  We worship our beliefs, and the material and want of more is overshadowing decency and the better parts of being human.  And to thwart the decay of cultural competency, complete freedom and opportunity for all is a must.  But for that to happen, love has to be equal to or greater than power and money in value.  The bowing to the almighty dollar, and the destructive beliefs and justifications for acquiring more of it at the expense of others are making our species more lawless and less valued.

Love, not money is what makes the world go round.  And a critical mass needs to be equipped to find the fulcrum of love in any moment to support the delicate balance of self, others, and the planet for species’ sustainability.  Nature and reality are relative, relational, and in constant flux, and everyone needs to awaken to the light of love that runs throughout them.  The connectivity of technology has brought transparency, but also the capacity to influence and why everyone’s capacity to discern, see, and be love is essential.  Choices without love are meaningless, divisive, and dumb.  But we’re human, imperfect, and make bad decisions.  Yet we can reconcile mistakes and become more colorblind in our choices with openness and the many nurturing aspects of love’s light.  Life emerges in disparate ways, but humans have volition and it’s about time we use it in a species-supportive way. 

Enforcement and love may seem contradictory in terms, but with humanity a part of Nature and its light of love in everything, compliance of its application in human nature is required for a lasting humanity.  Everyone coming from the gestalt of love’s light will do wonders to heal the wounds of our species.  But with the matrix of relationships and the interconnectedness of things; entanglement, confusion, and the temptation to not be colorblind will always exist.  Red, blue, and green aren’t going away any time soon, but we can’t keep fighting amongst ourselves.  In America we have the Constitution and it’s not a perfect reflection of love’s light, but it’s close and can be updated to become more colorblind.  To make it more perfect and for the best civic functioning, we need to value ourselves, each other, and the planet.  Lawlessness is unacceptable.  Blessed unrest and updating of the law is done with a vote.  Coercion will always be around the corner casting shadows of division and depleting love’s light, and why balanced heads and hearts are essential.  Humanity’s transitioning from autocracies to democracies has and will have growing pains like life itself, but for less resistance, peace, and colorblindness everyone has to be open to love’s light.  And for all that to happen we need love enforcement.

Freedom to Be

The undercurrents of societal stupidity have manifested once again in the form of a tsunami of injustice, unnecessary pain, and opportunism.  MLK’s brilliance was he saw reality in its raw form and led accordingly.  He said, “It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated.  We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny.  Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.  It is the way our universe is structured; this is its interrelated quality.  We aren’t going to have peace on Earth (or with ourselves) until we recognize this is the basic fact of the interrelated structure of all reality.”  Dr. King understood the entanglement of reality and the need for everyone to recognize there is no separate self.  The universe, life, and our species are all interconnected and interdependent, and everyone needs to make choices that support this central tenet of Dr. King’s for humanity’s (and our personal) sustainability.  

No one requested to be born naked and innocent in all ways including mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Nature doesn’t care about anyone’s skin color, beliefs, or what one thinks personally, culturally, or otherwise.  She simply provides the framework for reality and existence.  And to reiterate from a previous post, life is difficult and why we need to be kind and support each other authentically, comprehensively, and collaboratively.  Seeing our self in others, and not as separate, needs to be heeded by everyone for species sustainability.  Operating from ego and in a conditioned unconsidered reactionary way breeds divisiveness.  Once again, we’re witnessing our species experiencing a growing pain transitioning from an instinctive automatic reaction to stimuli to a broader more nuanced and inclusive response of self, others, and the planet.  Divisiveness may have once been necessary for survival, but with the advent of volition in our species’ evolution and the connectivity of today’s world, humanity can’t afford to lose its innocence and believe, see, or act that another person, situation, or the planet are separate from themselves.

We can’t change what has happened in the past from ego’s contrived ill-begotten species-diminishing decisions like slavery or war with others or ourselves, but we can and should learn from them so we don’t repeat them.  The greatest threat to humanity isn’t black or white, it’s green.  The allure of acquiring and retaining money and power have compromised, contaminated, and convoluted too many.  The fuel for exploiting others and the planet has been and continues to be, the almighty dollar.  Money isn’t bad as it functions as a currency, but whether it’s a plantation owner using a particular race for profit, or big pharma ignoring data on a drug and a side effect like an addiction for its earnings, profiteering from the suffering of others and the planet need to stop for our species’ preservation.  Companies and institutions do a lot of good things for humanity, but overt exploitations of others and the planet need to cease for peace and everyone’s wellbeing. 

We’re a capitalistic society where innovation should be rewarded.  But predictable safe returns to shareholders from companies, and guaranteed grants to institutions for warmed-over reliable research with predictable outcomes are restricting novel approaches for solving problems.  The assurance of the dollar has replaced ingenuity making our species culturally asinine and less resilient to evolve sustainably.  We’re seeing the cracks in social structures by placing the dollar above inventiveness and the ability to transform into the best version of humanity.  Balance is a central directive for life and our species’ survival.  But security and greed have usurped creative solutions needed for social and environmental sustainability.  We’re not advocating throwing caution to the wind, but societal unrest from established social structures that restrict innovation and opportunity in favor of security will persist until leaders adopt comprehensive inclusive plans that align with the innocence of every person and their inalienable rights for freedom.

In the USA where we’re an ostensible democracy, the merit of one’s work and contribution is rewarded despite culture or race.  But humans are crafty, and the legal exploitations from both political parties that simmer divisiveness from using people as commodities are once again boiling over.  Cultural manipulations that limit opportunity and divide on both sides of the political fence cannot supersede democracy’s meritocracy where one’s effort and contribution are rewarded.  We can’t extricate bad non-species supportive policy without considering everyone’s innate innocence.  Innocence is our essence, and the contamination of ourselves or others legally or otherwise keeps our species from existing sustainably.  Every person is a cell in the global body, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to discern how they’re being compromised or affected by anything.  No one should be a stooge to any one person, party, company, or institution.  It’s up to everyone to know when their innocence is being depleted.  Decontamination of our species starts with everyone, but those of leadership and power need to be the example.  Humanity has suffered enough from those with power massaging the ignorance of those without power for profit and political security. 

Life is hard, entangled, and complicated, and why we need to support each other. And to do so effectively, all of us need to be as whole as we can be, but we can’t have wholeness without innocence.  We need to put the mask on our self first so we can help our self, others, and the planet authentically for overall wellbeing.  Wholeness doesn’t exploit.  Selfishness and loss of innocence used to be optional, but not anymore.  Dr. King’s message makes clear that reality is entangled, and we can’t let money manipulate and exhaust innocence and how we operate as a people.  People aren’t disposable, and it’s up to everyone to know when their innocence is being lost so they can fortify themselves against such actions.  Nature can’t be stopped, but we can stop contaminating human nature so we can make our species’ evolution the best it can be.  Birds used to be dinosaurs, and if humanity wants to soar beyond today’s unrest, all of us need to operate with species supportive intent that comes from innocence.  Ego, ignorance, and bad intent cut the threads of innocence and dims its light that makes the fabric of reality.  Light is colorblind and so is our pure unadulterated natural essence.  Humanity is grossly naïve if it thinks it can have the freedom to be without having the innocence of where we came from, and where we go, as an integral part of how we relate to our self, others, and the planet.                  

Multidimensional Error Detector

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  The origin of this quote has been deeply disputed so authorship not offered, but that doesn’t lessen the significance of its directive.  And with humanity coping and adjusting to a different normalcy from the effects of COVID-19, the more the importance for all of us to be empathetic to ourselves, others, and the planet.  But there’s a fine line between empathy and enabling, and it’s up to all of us to know the demarcation.  In his book The Power of Human Adam Waytz describes what he calls The Lesser Mind Problem as the tendency to see other minds as less equipped or valued than our own.  He says, “perceiving another mind in its full humanity is not a natural propensity and requires mental effort”.  It takes effort for empathy, and to know when it’s gone too far, but such effort can be difficult to muster from increasingly two-dimensional influences.

The three-dimensional world (excluding time) of the universe is where nature and life exists.  Yet in the current Anthropocene era, we’ve become so data-driven, and our attention consumed by 2D screens that we’re losing touch with the balance and flow of long-established patterns of the 3D natural world and the life it has created, including us.  Our immersion in the production and consumption of information from a 2D world is compromising the space needed to know ourselves and how we fit in the real 3D world.  Data and information have had a powerful influence on humanity, but like technology, they’re simply tools.  Everyone needs to filter content responsibly and discern its effects on them in 3D, and not get trapped in the anthropic mind-meld of impersonal 2D screens.

Humans, being an amalgam of physical particles formed from evolutionary adaptation, have evolved to think and feel.  Thoughts and feelings that have steered our species to survive through family and communal partnerships, where everyone capable contributes to its functioning.  From technology and in the blink of an evolutionary eye, isolated burgeoning cities and regions began to entwine from physical travel, and more recently sprawl virtually from the web and 2D screens forming our current global society.  COVID-19 has removed the in-person 3D sojourning half of the equation, and now we’re left with the mind-meld from 2D screens.  Whether it’s for work or play, all of us need to consume and contribute responsibly in 2D as the consequences manifest as real thoughts and feelings in 3D. 

Not long ago, our Neolithic cousins used data and information primarily for the survival of their families and tribal communities in the 3D tactile world.  But in the advent of civilization and the ensuing mind-meld from 2D screens, data and information for survival reasons are being forgotten. With the internet’s prevalence and the increasingly wildness of the web and 2D jungle, the hyenas of hypocrisy, deception, and greed are just around the next page.  And why all of us need to be mentally and emotionally equipped in 3D to combat threats from 2D.  And with 2D’s perennial presence in the 3D global community, more nurturing species supportive content is needed to thwart bad actors.  With our faces glued to 2D screens and data and information coming from who knows where, it’s up to all of us to discern content and its effects in the real 3D world. 

It’s sad how contrived content from misguided selfish infiltration foment cultural divides and manifests so much pain, usually from an anonymous shadowed source.  Bad intent and hate aren’t the opposite of love, they’re the absence of it.  And with the economy shrinking and job loss escalating, the potential for envy, hate, and irresponsible behavior intensifies.  The world isn’t big enough for primitive behavior preying on the easily influenced and exploiting the darker side of the web.  Desperation will expand from a contracting economy where compare and despair from the ramifications from COVID-19 will get played out in 2D but the consequences felt in 3D.  Transparency of the dark web isn’t coming anytime soon to monitor nefarious behavior, and why love and its light needs to shine on everyone in every dimension.  Humanity can’t afford to eschew the development of any person. 

The internet and use of 2D screens use to be optional, but now they’re essential and need to be utilized in a concomitant way for our survival.  Species supportive, good well-intended content emerges from the guidance and love of a parent or guardian in 3D.  Today, we’re birthing children into 2D land, controlling content early, but inevitably that controlled content will comingle with the wild web.  Children who are exposed to the jungle without guidance suffer harrowing consequences.  Unthinking and unfeeling 2D screens beckon our attention more and more, and with content from the jungle containing good and bad like any one person, contributing responsibly and objectively interpreting content is a must for our species’ preservation.  Consistent indoctrination of love and guidance in 3D is required for that to happen.   

Everyone is fighting a hard battle, and why we should be kind to ourselves, others, and the planet.  But not just for empathetic reasons – but to ensure as little pain as possible for everyone and the continuing evolution of our species.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe transcending all dimensions.  But to know the black and white of love and its balanced inflection point of when to be empathetic and not enable isn’t easy, and it takes effort.  It’s complicated as we’re made of particles and being influenced in an array of ways.  But the vulnerability from 2D fabricated misleading content has never been greater, and until the light of love dispels the shadows of fear and hate that make such content, the less hope for humanity. 

The 2D jungle is rife with confirmation biases.  Whether it’s well-intended or not; contributing to, profiting, or gaining power from content that divides need to be seen for what it is.  Both sides of the political spectrum prey on intransigence, and until everyone sees objective truth in the mommy media messiahs, or extreme autarchic warriors for what they are, more unnecessary pain will persist.  Humans are a part of nature, and the well-established natural progression of forming belief-blinders institutionally, culturally, and personally needs to be challenged by all.  Humans are the dominant species on the planet and with love the most powerful force in any dimension, all of us need to be open to the light of truth and not beliefs to evolve sustainably.

The discoveries from science are humanity’s foundation for authentic sustainable growth. We know so much about the natural world, its rhythms, and reality, and should be the launching point for how our species operates.  The world isn’t big enough for deception and greed as it used to be.  In the past, there was enough 3D space for bad behavior that coincided with human evolution.  But now there are too many of us, and with the mind-meld from 2D content influencing the 3D world more than ever, an error detector for bad intent and behavior in any dimension is necessary from all. Multidimensional well-established patterns of nature and reality that make for life and found by science need to be heeded and utilized in how our species functions.  No mind is lesser than any other. Maybe more contaminated or enlightened, but not less. So let’s responsibly contribute and consume content in 2D so data and information can heal and not divide in 3D. Love is the multidimentional arbiter and its light shines in all dimensions. All we have to do is see so there’s sustainable thinking and feeling in these dimensions and others yet to be discovered.