Backup to Progress

The underpinning and primary mode of functioning in developed countries is their economy.  Compensation for goods and services and even the seemingly sinecure of financial markets has, for the most part, succeeded to get humanity to where it is today.  Whether it’s a socialist country where remuneration is disseminated by the government or a capitalistic country where individuals or businesses get reimbursed directly, the persistent progression towards profit and power at any cost is unsustainable.

There is nothing inherently wrong with pecuniary systems.  It’s the seed of civilization and framework for our present-day way of life.  But the planet is only so big with finite resources and livable atmosphere.  With so many people living on the earth and for humanity’s continuing evolution, all efforts need to be made for carbon-free energies and recyclable goods.  The harmful effects of fossil fuels and all the non-renewable synthetic material humans produce are literally suffocating and contaminating the planet to unhealthy levels.  There is a consensus of ninety-seven percent of scientist worldwide that have tested the vital signs of the planet and they agree humans are affecting the planet in a detrimental way creating an environment that’s not only toxic to humans but all life.

Most of us like living and should want the healthiest environment possible for everyone now and future generations.  Isn’t it in the best interest for all of us to do what we can to change the course and extricate humanity from self-extinction, or the very least make for the healthiest home and planet as possible?  This isn’t hippy speak, it’s science based on facts and what we collectively find to be true as a species.  Some cling to the old guard and make unsubstantiated excuses for mitigating unsustainable practices by saying Nature herself pollutes through volcanoes and natural cycles.  Whilst this is true, volcanoes contribute only 200 million tons CO₂ on average per year while humans pump 24 billion tons CO₂ into the atmosphere on average per year.  That’s one hundred and twenty times as much CO₂ than Nature!

As mentioned in previous blogs, we can’t help how we got to this point as a species and all the unsustainable practices we’ve developed along the way.  The aphorism ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ has become ‘profit, dividends, and providing conveniences is the mother of invention’.  We need to back up to the former.  At ChoiceUp we’re not against manufacturing, businesses, or people succeeding in life.  It’s the unhealthy practices of turning a profit at any cost mindset that needs to change.  This change can only come from better decisions by all of us regardless of station in life or place of power.  Everyone of us in the free world can do our part to ensure an enduring planet in our personal life in how we live, spend, and vote.  We can disagree on beliefs, perceptions, and law, but not facts.  Shouldn’t we all do all we can for a healthy planet, and a place where we have the opportunity to debate and discuss?  Unlike the computer or device you’re using to read this, we don’t have a backup or spare planet.  So lets all ChoiceUp for best You, others and planet!