Beyond Anti-Intelligence and Conditioning

Ignorance is defined as lacking knowledge or information.  Humans have made it a priority to try and dispel ignorance as there is an abundance of knowledge and information in the world today and entrenched in the framework of how societies operate from getting an education to data collection.  But all this knowledge and information isn’t bringing humanity any closer to getting along with itself.  Like a stick, stone or internet, they’re just tools.  Without Love and its offshoot wisdom, knowledge and information by themselves don’t generate virtue or good intent for moral or ethical choices.

No matter how technologically advanced humans become through the acquisition of more information and knowledge, humanity will always be a part of Nature.  Nothing is outside of Nature and the ability to make a decision through the freedom of free-will for a good or bad choice is encapsulated in Nature.  But for humanity’s survival, the best chance for a continuing evolution, and to create as little human-influenced suffering as possible – all of us need to understand and accept how Nature works and what is collective known as a species.  Namely, how She forms matter and all the stuff that makes for life and us.  Nature, and only Nature provides the path in how humans should comport themselves to live and get along with each other.  Departure from Nature’s balanced approach to make stuff and life (which requires growth) is the divisive stagnant anti-intelligence pervading too much of the world today.  Death is inherent for life as everything gets recycled, but shouldn’t we want humanity to exist and evolve for as long as possible, and in the best way possible where there’s as little human-influenced suffering as possible?

Of course, avoiding ignorance and getting an education for comprehending and sharing Nature’s unassailable laws and workings is important.  And the most dominant and basic concept and law built-in to our complex and entangled Universe is balance.  Balance is essential for making all the stuff in the Universe and maintaining homeostasis for all life, life cycles and us.  This One vital principled law needs to be considered and invoked in all actions and choices for a sustainable humanity.

So how can we restore balance to humanity so it can become functionally competent and not create so much human-influenced suffering?  We make choices that restore balance.  But to do so, we must question everything – especially our tribal knowledge and beliefs thrust upon us from our anthropic-dominated world.  To purge ourselves of these emotional and mental pollutants that produce imbalances and contribute further to a materialist culture where anti-intelligence and an us versus them mentality holds sway; we must support each other and let the balancing of Love’s Light to manifest in all aspects of our lives.  We don’t have to like anyone, but we do have to Love one another to create less human-influenced suffering, no exceptions.  This is a very difficult task for all of us because of the conditioning of the ego, unable to forgive and envy.  Until the necessity of loving one another is recognized, accepted and utilized in all of our daily lives, we’re doomed to contaminate and bring suffering to ourselves, others and the planet.  So, let’s not choice down from anti-intelligence and the conditioning of the unconsidered unconscious ego.  But rather mindfully choose to ChoiceUp and use balance the way Nature has for all of us to live and be here.  At ChoiceUp, we believe that it’s no coincidence that humans have the capacity for volition and the ability to choose.  So lets all ChoiceUp for a more balanced and thriving You, others and planet!