Blinded by Bias

Every thing is physical.  And the physical attributes of any one species arose from its evolutionary adaptations.  And it’s no different for humans.  The physical traits and behaviors from the procreators of our species like diet and exercise influence how one generation to the next will look and act.  But all humans, whether they have offspring or not, are influenced by their epigenetics.  Quality of life like breathing, thinking, and behaving or any of the myriad of markers for wholesomeness or lack thereof, create our epigenetics in real-time.  Epigenetic transmutations occur immediately and get expressed in genes regardless of activity.  And for a lasting humanity, all of us need to embrace and make decisions that support wholesome involuntary and volition-based behaviors.  Our shared interpretation of reality, however it’s viewed or felt, is a physical process.  And the only way to improve it is for more wholesome behavioral choices from all of us.

Humanity is a part of the natural order of things.  And it’s essential for our species to emulate and function by its inherent traits of cause and effect that are employed in a balanced and supportive way for a life to thrive.  But for that to happen, all of us need to be open to what works and what doesn’t in human action.  And with most necessities met in developed nations, and the autonomic instinct for survival satisfied, ignorance from man’s ego is humanity’s greatest threat.  Ego isn’t manmade but gone unnoticed, it opaques the spirit of openness required for the betterment of our species.  It’s glaringly obvious how unbalanced human history is from ego’s ignorance and close-mindedness.  And for stability and to curate humanity for the better, keep what works, but be willing to let go of unsustainable social and environmental practices that don’t work or align with the natural order of things.

Ego’s disregard for the cost and pain from unsustainable social and environmental practices are becoming too taxing and toxic to tolerate.  Every thing physically existing, living or not, has its tipping point. And the powers within humanity from ego are producing too much stress, suffering, and dis-ease from unconsidered decisions.  The hierarchal systems of power that have worked for these words to be written and you to read need a significant adjustment and filtering.  Catholic writer Daniel Schwindt wrote, “Egotism springs from blind instinct and wrongheaded thinking.  It comes from defects of intelligence and mistakes of the heart.  It blights the seed of every virtue.”  All of us bear the burden for a wholesome just world.  As historian Alexis de Tocqueville states, “When a republic (or humanity) has a relaxed love of present enjoyments and lose interest in the future of our descendants, it will fail.”     

Wholesomeness in all forms animate or not is a concentric and stratified affair.  For matter, an atom has nucleons in the center balanced by an electron cloud for it to exist and be whole.  The arrangement for wholesome stability is the same for all elements and molecules – especially the noble gases.  They’re called noble because they’re inert and so whole they’re not affected by other elements.  All of us need to strive for this kind of holistic wholesomeness and nobility.  Not the hierarchal nobility from social ranking and man’s ego, but the wholesomeness found in cells that make for a healthy global body.  Our senses are saturated by so many influences today, that it’s doesn’t seem possible to be completely virtuous and noble.  And why all of us, irrespective of measure in having it together, need to be open to embracing wholesomeness and not let the fractured thinking of ego get in the way. 

A living human body is more bacteria and viruses than human cells.  This wholesome homeostasis is achieved by balancing the influences of all the moving parts.  Man’s ego has indoctrinated and consigned too many to unbalanced unsavory conditions. And for a more fair and healthy assimilation of humans into humanity, our species needs more openness and less ego. It’s all very complicated and entangled, especially today with the Egonet.  But we glean from and lean on Tocqueville’s pillars of insight again for social and environmental sustainability, “The health of a republic (or humanity) is measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens (or humanity).”  Our world is formed from choices and we don’t have the physical room for closeminded divisive decisions from ego anymore.

Einstein’s E=MC² states that physical matter and energy are equal and not hierarchal. However C, light squared, gives them the power to exist.  Every thing has power thanks to light. And for humanity to get along with itself and the planet, all of us need to be part of the natural order of things and be our light of empowerment. All of us in humanity who can see, feel, and be their empowerment in a balanced and wholesome way, the less chance for ego to be blinded by bias.