Bridges Beyond Beliefs

Part of the human makeup is the formation of beliefs.  They’re inexplicably inescapable.  And the more of us who recognize how they influence our lives and behavior, the better off all of humanity will be.

Beliefs, like basic necessities, are essential for human existence.  Food, shelter, and water provide sustenance for living. Likewise, inherent for living a human life is the unavoidable acquisition of impressions from cultural exposure that form and sustain beliefs.  When humans evolved the capacity for mental manipulations instead of relying on simple instinct, reason leveraged by beliefs emerged as a way for conduct.  Whether one believes in freewill or not, the ability for volition, and to conceptualize and imagine has been forged in our species makeup.  These are powerful tools of faculty and their use requires responsibility from all.  All of us use them, but too many of us take these cognitive abilities for granted.  How we think, how we act and react to situations in our lives, and what we project onto the world comes from intent fortified by beliefs.

Beliefs are the nutrients for a decision and how an intent manifests and grows.  Intent is the outcome a person desires through choices, and contaminated choices from misguided beliefs and excessive greed are toxifying the planet and social functioning. Today, too many decisions are made from the fast-paced face of life, and struggle to root themselves for the necessary stability needed to support ourselves, each other, and the planet.  Ignorance from conditioning and unnoticed unrestrained egos are the primary culprit to bad beliefs.  They conspire to validate victimization or to keep the status quo of entitlement. Both are complicit in not adapting to change in an open, mature, and mutually-benefiting way.  Letting go of outdated worn beliefs and blind selfish intent that don’t support life’s interdependence for existence is a must by all for our species self-preservation. 

Unhealthy, stale, and hardened beliefs are making humans too cold and brittle towards one another.  Media, social media, and instant communication foment quick unconsidered responses from fixed attitudes that are too easily offended.  Stubborn beliefs incite emotions that percolate to an angry boil and at an ever-increasing frenzied pace.  They’re pitting one against another, dividing the human race and impeding the flow for successful evolution of our species. Fundamentalist on either side of the political spectrum have beliefs that are too rigid for healthy growth. The difficult but reachable canopy of remedies to solve humanity’s problems need to be heeded by everyone, but especially those with the most power as they have the most control.  The inevitable winds of change will always howl, and all of us need to adapt to the challenges of these changes in a pliable way.  But if uncompromising intransigent beliefs prevail, fertile solutions for furthering our species evolution will be stunted, breaking branch by branch the human family tree.

It’s all very complicated as everyone has volition while possessing all of the paradoxical nature of the universe in them, including all the good and all the bad.  It’s also very complex as everyone has a personal history where some aren’t taught good values.  Lastly, it is difficult as no one requested to be alive, nor provided a blueprint on how to exist. With the inherent nature of Nature being entangled and with contradictory laws, no wonder our species is struggling. But if all of us accept what we find to be collectively true about Nature through science, and not the self-defeating whimsical aspects of human nature that has gotten us in this mess in the first place, our species can operate more sustainably.

Humans created problems and we can fix them no matter how intangible or intractable they seem.  But it takes a critical mass to accept and believe what works and what doesn’t work for successful species functioning. In letting go of unsustainable practices, we align ourselves with the ingrained balancing aspects necessary for life, and a sustainable existence that emerges from natural law. And the more of us who accept and understand this, and make choices that support it, the greater the potential for more mutually-benefiting relationships and healthier planet. But it takes all of us to be equipped and operate in a positive way from the paradoxical nature of Nature, to build bridges beyond beliefs and for a lasting human race.