Chance for Better

The universe and life exist through a dynamic dance of balance and an inherent trait for making mutually benefiting decisions.  Choices made with the intent to support, stabilize, and strengthen the decision-maker, others, and planet is the most natural and comprehensive way for species’ sustainability.  Humanity has progressed in ways unimaginable to those who lived only a century ago, but much of that progression happened from ego’s linear unbalanced thinking manifesting a lot of pain and conflict.  The span of our evolution had room to absorb these growing pains of progress, but with more people on the planet than ever and the interconnectedness of everything, the chances for a wholesome lasting future aren’t limitless.  And why all of us living today need to change the way we think to lessen destructive unbalanced decisions that threaten ourselves, others, and the planet.

Humanity’s recursive history dominated primarily by white privileged males is how our species progressed until recently.  It’s rife with injustice, but it’s also done a lot of good and worked to get us to today.  However, there was space and time for the better angels of our species to shine a light on the darkness of those regrettable acts of progress.  Humanity’s spacetime is closing for a wholesome and enduring future.  Acceptance of this fact by everyone is essential for fundamentally transforming one-sided, linear, and unbalanced thinking to inclusive, balanced, more multi-dimensional thinking.  All of us need to let go of our stale and conditioned habits of divisive thought for fresh holistic openness that lessens the stress on humanity and the planet.  Our species and the Earth simply can’t sustain the alienating shadows of ego any further.    

Hierarchies exist in many different species and what has worked for ours to have all the stuff and conveniences of today.  But with humanity’s spacetime for wholesome sustainable living shortening, letting go of stratified and unfair modes of operation that function on control is required to lengthen our evolution to its fullest potential.  With everyone having a voice and connectivity ever-present, empowering everyone is essential for a just and prosperous future.  Control of many by a few has to be replaced by empowering everyone.  By realizing that a choice, regardless of its size or consequence, is measured in how it affects the decision-maker, others, and the planet, in proportion to the decision-maker’s power, is how we empower everyone.  All of us from simply being a participant in living and observing are more powerful than we know.  And recognition of this power and to self-actualize it for better decisions by everyone is essential for a more competent species.  If we stay the course of archaic hierarchical control, the more impoverished and less prosperous everyone will be, regardless of their power.

Options are inherent in nature where nothing is set-in-stone.  Everything is a process, albeit some things seem permanent or move at a glacial pace due to limited human sense, but nature is always on the move.  The past is causal where one event influences another to become reality and what we call history, but the unfurling of the future is open and unknown to nature and us.  Yes, in googol years from now spacetime will be so large and energy diffused that it can’t work to do anything or make stuff anymore, but for our concerns now we need not worry about such large spacetime scales.¹  Our immediate threat for a lasting wholesome humanity is ourselves.  And why utilizing nature’s inherent function of options, where processes are not set-in-stone until actualized, and put together to produce reality, needs to be a guide for human volition so we can create the reality we crave.

COVID-19 has starkly brought to our attention our shared humanity, vulnerabilities, and mortality.  It’s been a complete pain in the ass for us to operate normally and have the ability to do the things we’re accustomed to.  But it’s also shined a light on humanity’s better angels of today, who help others by placing themselves in harm’s way and elevate themselves above the instinct for self-preservation and survival.  They’re metahumans and mature adults who put courage over fear and what’s needed now by a critical mass to overcome the childish divisive ways of ego that threaten all of us.  Social and environmental solutions can’t come from hierarchical control in any form; institutionally, corporately, or personally.  It has to come from empowering everyone, so all of us can participate in, and contribute to, our species in a constructive supportive way like those on the front lines.

 COVID-19 has also taken advantage of humanity for its survival.  Now let’s take advantage of it, and the species collaboration and shared mission it’s provided us to combat it.  Our species needs a critical mass to continue to stand together against the pathogen of ignorance after the virus’s impact is mitigated.  Ego’s misplaced values and ignorance are humanity’s greatest threat that manifests from a person’s inability to recognize, acknowledge, or have the will to dispel its linear and unbalanced way of thinking. We don’t have the spacetime for generational divisive thinking to continue. We need more multi-dimensional, balanced, and inclusive thinking that’s essential for a brighter tomorrow. Where the openness of our thinking is proportional to the openness of the future, and give ourselves the best chance for a better, wholesome, and lasting humanity.

¹ It’s called heat death from the second law of thermodynamic and the leading theory by cosmologists.  There are other theories and possible options for the universe’s fate like the Big Bounce, but we simply don’t know.  However, we’re here together now, and empowering everyone for better choices is the best way forward for how our species evolves.