Choices Matter

At ChoiceUp, it is our belief that humanity being part of nature must operate within the framework of nature to create the least amount of human-influenced suffering in the world.  Human Beings are a confluence of many things including the physical, egotistical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  Discerning what it means to be human, especially in the most basic corporeal sense, and to flesh out how our physical form fits in nature isn’t an easy task.

Through our species investigations of nature and how She works has revealed a universe of uncertainty, probability, and indeterminacy.  This is the world of the quantum and it’s done wonders for humanity’s technological advancement where we’ve developed lasers, computers, and smart phones.  But it’s done little to bring us any closer to a possible just, peaceful, and sustainable future.

Maybe we are doing the best humans can do because discreteness, decoherence, and incongruity are nestled in the quantum and reality.  Every-thing vibrates in and out of existence but from the vague and limited capabilities in how our senses perceive, we don’t notice without help from an apparatus.  The physicist John Wheeler describes it this way.  “When we look at the ocean from high above, it appears as a flat blue surface.  But when we descend and look more closely, we see waves moving on the surface.  And when we descend farther, we see the waves break up crashing into each other creating a turbulent frothing.”  From a human’s perspective, the world looks smooth like the device you’re using to read this, but on a deeper and smaller granular scale, things are in constant motion blinking in and out of spacetime and not continuous.

The Big Bang is the seed that sprouted all the stuff we observe in the universe.  The tiniest of this stuff that makes for everything we see including humans only becomes matter when it’s being affected by something else through the known forces.  When stuff is not being affected by other stuff, its essence is nothingness that’s unchartable and unknowable.  So, with most of reality being unknown, and the rest being made of matter that only manifests (or womanfests) through the interaction of particles with other particles, shouldn’t we place the highest of priorities on human interaction?  Diversity is healthy and so are opposing views, and we should be able to disagree on everything and still have outcomes that are productive and matter.

Reality is relational made from interactions, and so is humanity.  Without natural synergy, the universe doesn’t exist.  The same is true for humanity, and we must individually and collectively educate ourselves, and accept and implement nature’s approach for existing if humans want a lasting sustainable evolution.  The matter and energy humans observe and what we’re made of is only 4% of the universe.  The rest we call dark energy and dark matter because we don’t know what they are.  With so much uncertainty, complexity, and entanglement in our understanding of nature, shouldn’t we let go of rigid beliefs and practices that don’t align with how nature works?

Cooperation among countries, corporations, institutions, political discourse, and the processes of civilization is necessary for humanity’s survival.  Nature shows us the way.  And we must heed Her guidance and let go of outdated worn beliefs and practices so we can all get along with each other.  Social functionality and competence, like matter are dependent on relationships and cooperation.  Matter is created from matter interacting with other matter which happens on its own accord.  But how people interact with other people is tractable and controllable through choices. For these choices and interactions to become mutually-benefiting collaborations that further human evolution with as little human-influenced suffering as possible, the timeless and seemingly intractable essence of Love must be the main element and of the highest regard for better relationships in all forms.  Because choices matter.