Conformity Crisis

It seems humanity is always at the tipping point of imminent ruination from natural disasters or choices made from the lesser parts of being human.  The next inevitable and unavoidable plague or hurricane is just around the corner – and we should do everything we can to stop the potential harm.  But the legal and illegal excessive acts of greed that manifest divisiveness and pain are completely avoidable and need to stop or humanity will.  Whether it’s a land-grab-world-war from man’s inability to get along with itself or a natural disaster like Noah’s flood, the end seems certain. Fortunately, our species has survived all threats natural and man-made.  But with the population on the planet the largest it’s ever been, and increasingly entangled from technology; the potential for man to stir things up on many fronts has never been greater.

Because of the sheer number of people, we are affecting the earth and its ecosystems in an unbalanced way.  We’re literally placing too much weight on the planet.  Regardless of the degree of belief in the aforementioned statements, all of us should be as light as we can simply because there’s so many of us consuming and discarding. The earth is a finite sphere with limited space for the acquisition, consumption, and disposal of resources.  Our species can’t afford belief blinders and disregard facts as to how we affect the planet and each other. Sure, we can continue to tolerate established exploits of the environment and each other, but it’s unsustainable; or will at minimum manifest more suffering than necessary.  The world is more just and technically advanced than it’s ever been, but we have a long way to go for social competency and being responsible for all the stuff we make, use, and discard.

Anomie is the condition in which society provides little ethical or moral guidance to individuals.  Anomie is the entropy of humanity.  A fancy way of saying that without support or energy, things break down.  Our bodies are subject to entropy and need nutrients to survive. However, they can also enjoy comfort and have pleasures of the flesh.  Society’s over-immersion in image and bodily desires burden values and the environment. Nothing wrong with indulging but it has to be done in a balanced way. Unbalanced narcissistic attitudes lie heavy on social and environmental sustainability. We need more openness. And the primary ingredient for openness is love, as it is the nutrient for values, healthy relationships, and awareness. But the decline of families in all forms from selfishness and anomie is making for a very real Sodom and Gomorrah. Nothing wrong with satisfying desires or enjoying stuff, but they have to be done sustainably.

All sustainability starts with recognizing how we affect ourselves, others, and the planet in our decision-making.  Recognition and awareness are usually attributed to education, but knowledge can be contrived as evident in the state of the world.  A more empowering, sustainable, and concomitant way is love.  Love is the light of awareness that imbues and transforms ourselves, others, and the planet to a path of sustainability. This isn’t pie in the sky talk, it’s a pragmatic necessary utility for navigating life and solving human problems as life is extremely complicated. Light exists for us to see, but doesn’t experience space nor time as we do. However, it does allow for vision in space-time, and all of us need to use it for guiding our steps toward species preservation.

For the most part, natural disasters aren’t preventable, but how we get along with ourselves, others, and the planet is.  And with so many of us occupying the world, we need humanity and all of its shareholders to use the currency of love and its light to keep us from letting the lesser parts of being human from getting the better of us.  All of us need to be more open and stop conforming to the slumber of ego’s dominance who’s influence has cast a shadow over humanity and impedes sustainable solutions to our problems. And that can only happen if all of us wake up and ChoiceUp to how we affect ourselves, others, and the planet in the decisions we make. There have never been so many footprints and why we need enlightenment more than ever to guide us. Don’t we want to elevate anomie and how future generations see us?