ChoiceUp® was founded in the belief that every choice has power regardless of its significance. Recognition of that power – its potential and positive use – is to ChoiceUp®!


Love and its attributes need to be considered first when making a decision, especially when the basic necessities for life have been met. Money is not inherently bad, but excessive greed that leads to debilitating corruption and exploitation that manifests from the desire to have more of it has become too taxing on the planet and its inhabitants.


People should be allowed to believe whatever they want without ridicule or shame. But the projection of those beliefs on others - and the sometimes emotional, mental, or physical condemnation that accompanies those beliefs are unacceptable.


At ChoiceUp® we recognize that reality is more bizarre than anyone can possibly imagine. We value uncertainty, the unknown, and are humbled by the mystery of the Universe.


Because everything is connected, life can be very complicated and entangled. And all of us has to find that reservoir of will when confronted with life's complex challenges and make the best decisions possible for ourselves, others, and the planet.


No institution or organization is going solve the world's problems. It has to be a collaborative effort by every person on the planet.


All of us individually and more broadly collectively, must embrace and accept what humanity has found to be true through science and reason for successful progression of our species.