Creativity’s Freedom

It seems humanity is always on the cusp of reckoning with how to proceed on with its evolution and not destroying itself.  Or at the very least how to adapt to challenges that don’t hinder our current way of life.  With life super complicated and entangled, trying to navigate and shine light on the path of future’s uncertainty must primarily come from humanity’s capacity for creativity and imagination.

In developed countries, commerce is the life-blood for stability.  But from progress, the evolution of our species, and the development of new technologies, we are stressing our economical foundation where goods and services are provided for compensation.  As we become more disembodied in our interactions and rely more and more on automation for the production of goods and services, we need to establish a new kind of financial system that adapts to the technological advancements of our species.  The development of new technologies and mechanics is proliferating at a frenzied pace and is only going to get faster and we need to address these challenges now to alleviate the potential for future unnecessary human-influenced suffering.

The best way for finding answers to these problems is by utilizing our collective creativity and being open to all possible solutions.  Letting go of outdated and worn-out practices that don’t function properly must be a primary component for how we proceed.  All people, including all companies, organizations, and institutions entrenched in the status quo, need to be accountable for how they respond so we have a functioning humanity and healthy planet to live on.  There needs to be consequences for those who obstruct the tough necessary choices that it takes for a just and sustainable world.

Throughout the ages, monetary capital has for the most part worked and has gotten us to where we are now.  But we’re now socially bottle-necking from technological advancement and lack of values.  Some of us float close to the top in the bottle, but the majority of us are weighed down by how the system currently operates.  We must elevate human and social capital to the level of monetary capital if we are to survive as a species.  It’s not only in the interest of those at the bottom to find a more just and balance way for humans to conduct ourselves – it’s also in the top’s interest.  For when the bottle breaks – we all lose.  Only by giving the light of creativity free and unrestrained consideration, will we penetrate and displace the shadows of humanity that keep humanity from being its best.  For humanity’s self-preservation and the brightest future for all, each of us must make tough peaceful choices whatever the cost.