Defying Gravity

Of the many tenets of ChoiceUp and what goes into making a good decision is an acceptance of who and what we are individually and collectively.  And to get a good grasp of what that is as it’s many many things – is to see ourselves and our surroundings as objectively as possible.  If all of us do this exercise without preconceived notions or beliefs and try to look at things naturally in a distilled and unalloyed way, we find we are products of the Universe.

Amazingly from the Universe’s evolution that gave rise to human evolution, we developed volition and the capacity to manipulate our environment with intent instead of the instinctive and autonomic reactionary methods used by less developed living things.  Choice is a responsibility and exercising that responsibility in a constructive way is a must if we are to create as little human-influenced suffering as possible and make the world the best it can be.  The primary criteria, and most productive way to make a responsible choice is to ensure a decision serves you, others, and the planet.  If those three components are considered when making a decision, odds are it will be a good one.

The Universe emerged from the Big Bang, releasing its essence and potential for life, us, and all the myriad forms and forces that have and will exist.  This discharged essence and potential is balance; and in the growing pains of humanity and the current tumult of the world, it’s easy to see that too many of us individually and collectively are out of balance.  The fulcrum for human well-being and balance individually and collectively is the same essence and potential that originated at the start of the Universe.  Balance and its mysterious undervalued outgrowth Love is the lever for human well-being, as it brings stability to our lives individually and collectively.  From a human’s perspective from human experience, Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.  Love is as real as anything including the moment you read this.  Love is timeless and beyond the forces of nature, and the more of us who come from Love the better off all of us will be.

Gravity, nature’s weakest force is what keeps us tethered to the planet.  It weighs on us – literally.  Even though gravity is the weakest force it is still capable of carving and dividing rivers, separating aggregate and metaphorically doing all that and more to the human Spirit.  Most know of the story of Isaac Newton discovering gravity by getting hit on the head by an apple.  It’s a mythical story but its relevance is true today.  Today’s apple is ignorance and it’s being pulled by the gravity of unawareness.  The aphorism “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch” is true for apples and us.  Apples release ethylene when they start to ripen and go bad, and that triggers surrounding apples to do the same.  Most of us try to do good and make good choices, but being products of nature and its forces, the potential for a good or bad decision is always present.  It’s primarily gravity and the weight of ego, envy, and greed that draws otherwise good people to make bad decisions and become bad apples.  And the only way to restore balance and well-being in humanity so we can continue our evolution in the best way possible and have as few bad apples as possible is to keep all of us from giving in to the weight and weakness of gravity.  All of us must try to be strong in all aspects of our lives, and embrace and elevate to the force that defies it.  And that force is Love.