Denial’s Resistance and Unsustainability

Established systems of power that are founded and feed on unsustainable social and environmental practices need to go the way of the dinosaur – or humanity will suffer the same fate.  Homo Sapiens’ evolutionary path that has led to today’s state of the world can’t be changed.  But it is in our individual and collective control to change the future where unfair and unhealthy practices that manifest unbalanced social and ecological states are diminished.  Friction and strife have, and will always be a part of our species’ makeup, as it’s inherent in nature.  But to lessen conflict to sustainable and manageable levels, wringing ourselves of belief blinders, and the resistance they create for solving problems, is essential.

The resistance, obstruction, and hope-destroying influences from the unwillingness from all of us to challenge and change our belief system are keeping humanity from operating sustainably.  With so many of us on the planet having various perspectives and set of belief values, and boundlessly entangled and connected in so many ways, it’s incumbent for each of us to examine, explore, and change where we find resistance in our lives.  The refusal to accept how we manifest resistance and unhealthy practices in our lives towards ourselves, each other, or the planet is the greatest existential threat to our species.  Rationalizing and reasoning away unhealthy and unsustainable practices is the devil of deniability.  Keeping and acquiring power through competition and ingenuity is great, but done in ways that manifest resistance to sustainable practices will make for a very real hell on earth.

Life recycles, adapts, and meanders around obstacles so it can continue to flow.  It is extremely malleable and can exist in the harshest of environments.  But it has its limits.  Underdeveloped countries strive to have all the stuff developed countries have, but with Earth being a finite sphere with finite resources and area to dispose of consumed resources, letting go of unsustainable practices is mandatory for life to exist in the healthiest way possible.  Sure, humanity can build more hospitals, cancer centers, and provide healthcare to all for treating ailments from unhealthy and unsustainable practices, but eventually, things will become too toxic environmentally, and too taxing socially for human life to persist in a healthy way.

ChoiceUp is about being our best in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.  Sometimes situations can be intractably complicated because life and humans are extremely complicated, but making choices with the recognition that we’re all in this together, everything is connected, and no one is an island will do wonders to ensure a healthy lasting future.  Measured sustainable desires are great, but excessive greed by too many that exploits others and the planet are moving us too quickly in an unhealthy direction.  The planet or humanity simply can’t shoulder an overabundance of greed like it had in the past.  The wounds of our evolutionary history where social and environmental exploits contributed to the current state of the world are easy to see.  And with so many of us now existing, selfishness and the unwillingness to change towards sustainable social and environmental practices are impeding our species self-preservation.

In some cultures, the ouroborus symbolizes infinity through the recycling and balancing of opposing forces.  But in others it literally means one eating its own tail and what humanity appears to be on the cusp of doing – if not already there.  Choice is a transition from one state to another like water boiling from liquid to vapor, and if a critical mass doesn’t ChoiceUp in their daily decisions, we will transform our species and planet to a not-so-fun unhealthy place to exist.  We should all be allowed to believe whatever we want, but if a belief, say unbridled free markets at any cost, contributes to unhealthy practices, it needs to stop or we will.  Our species, all life, and the planet just can’t handle an overabundance of selfish bad choices.  So, let’s all of us let go of outdated worn beliefs that create resistance and suffering so future generations can have a fun, healthy, most heavenly place to live.