1)  The pursuit of encouraging people to make good choices is a daunting and challenging task.  Everyone has their own personal history and alchemy of beliefs.  Diversity is healthy and people should be able to disagree on everything, but still be respectful.  The way we feel and how we process the world is so much more than just our thoughts and conceptions.  Life can be messy, but that’s not an excuse to not ChoiceUp.  The potential for good and bad choices resides in everyone, but it’s our hope that the former prevails for the continuing evolution of our species.

2)  The creation of humanity’s ever-evolving landscape of language is a great human achievement and one of the best modes of communication, but the ambiguity of words sometimes make expression difficult.  We hope the occasional inexactness of language doesn’t prevent anyone from adopting the ChoiceUp platform.  For instance, we ask everyone to ChoiceUp with the intent of creating less human-influenced unnecessary suffering.  We phrase it that way because suffering is inherent in life, just ask any mother.  This is why we don’t use the phrase ‘to prevent suffering’.

3)  ChoiceUp is not about playing it safe.  Life is too expansive and the Universe too big to not explore and push our boundaries individually and collectively.  It’s how we experience and grow.  ChoiceUp is balancing the risks involved in a decision and being mindful of the consequences.  Everyone should live their life to its fullest potential, but not hurt others in the process.