Dragons of Desire

Until recent scientific breakthroughs in invitro fertilization, every human that has ever walked the planet came into existence from passion and desire. Our time on earth is filled with a myriad of wants and desires. It’s inherent to being human. Ambition and yearning allow for the possibility of living life to its fullest potential. Yet too often people get lost in unproductive aspirations and in doing so they manifest painful consequences. It seems most who permit lust and greed to lead their lives don’t become apologetic for their actions until the light of truth is unveiled and they get caught behaving in an inhumane way. And soon thereafter, they probably come to the quick conclusion that it was all avoidable and not worth doing.  This is an example of bad desire being exposed and why we should live our personal and private lives in the same way.

Food, shelter, clean air and water are a prerequisite for human survival and the most basic desires a person can have. These lifesaving neo-primitive necessities should be the foundation and guide for how we operate as a species. However we have freewill, and some of us have a compunction to conceptualize the manipulation of the environment and others for our own benefit. Most of us enjoy the contemporaneous conveniences of technology (like the device you’re using to read this) and a modern economy, but if we continue to accept the exploitation of the environment and others in order to have these amenities, humanity will soon become too out of balance and unsustainable. There is nothing wrong with wanting to acquire more power and wealth, but if it’s done in a way that’s pernicious or too far removed from the vital core of necessity where life endures, we all suffer. To live, all of us must quell our hunger with food, quenches our thirst with water, and quash the wind and rain with shelter. And these are just the physical imperatives that must be met for all of us to stay alive. Our shared humanity is more enmeshed and intertwined than any of us can image.

Everyone living or who has lived breathes the same air. The act of respiration is an autonomic function and happens on its own accord. Most of the processes that make for homeostasis and life are involuntary and take effect without any intent or desire. Likewise, many of us live our lives in an automatic reactionary way where many of our wants and desires are not our own but are from the atmosphere of conditioning that lies in our homes and in our upbringing. And that’s if a person has a family or a place to call home. Evolution is a stratified affair where adaptation happens from one generation to the next and humanity needs some fresh air to clear its head. We need to stop the reactionary polluting of ignorance towards one another and allowing it to be acceptable behavior. The hubris of humanity is producing too much unconsidered impulsive desires and bad intent, and in the process, creating too much human-influenced suffering.

As mentioned in previous posts, reality is relationships and humans know this all too well. We love love and fall in and out of it all the time, but that’s not real unconditional love. Real love doesn’t need to fill another’s desire. But we all have hormones and that can provoke an arousal from a millennium’s worth of evolutionary primal carnal drive. And when that longing (or any desire) isn’t fulfilled in a relationship, we get disappointed. When that happens we sometimes end or leave the relationship for someone we hope will fill those desires, or else find something else to fill the void like an addiction. It’s why pornography, drugs, and obesity are so prevalent in society. There are no simple fixes and it’s all very complicated and entangled, but we have to start somewhere to heal and address the systemic reasons for so much unnecessary pain in people’s lives. But we are human, and it’s better to indulge in the aforementioned behavior than hurt another, yet all of us should try and not let our desires control us. But as with most challenges, it’s much easier said than done.

We are all in this together. And all of us must have the courage to spearhead our own lives and live from our core of necessity outward in an empathetic and productive way. Our essence is spirit and that spirit must trump the mind so we’re not influenced by stale ignorance or bad desires. Bravado, bullying, victimhood, and the perennial expectation of being politically correct is desiccating the lifeblood of humanity. We are complicated creatures and everyone should be able to express that in a healthy and constructive way. Diversity is good, and we should all be able to disagree with one another on everything and still be respectful. Ignorance and unnecessary suffering has played too big a part in the equation of human history and it’s time to balance the ledger. And for that to happen we must all be the hero in our own lives and slay the dragons of bad desire with the only sword that can. And that sword is love.