Educate to Elevate™

Educational institutions instruct to evidence-based facts.  This type of education is a necessary component for preparing students to develop the skill-sets needed for life and a career.  But people are a confluence of many different aspects that make a human, and children at all levels receive a limited education based solely on facts.  At ChoiceUp®, we advocate complementing factually formed instruction with emotional support instruction for a complete education and person.

We need to develop hearts as much as heads so more children are balanced in processing life.  Traditionally, a child’s emotional and psychological landscapes were developed by parents and families, but many children don’t have functional families.  And even if they seemingly do, misguided values that place achievement and success over simply being a good well-rounded person puts too much pressure on a child’s well-being and hinders healthy growth.  Balance is inherent for all life and should be the focal point in the development of a child.

The use of technology is seemingly unavoidable for a contemporaneous education.  Unfortunately, most of the technology available today is making students more isolated.  Beyond using technology in institutions for education, socially it affirms or refutes how a student thinks they’re perceived through social media and social trends.  Too many students aren’t emotionally equipped to manage these disparate influences in their lives.  Everyone needs a basic conventional education to read and write however it’s acquired, but without emotional guidance to complement it, bad decisions are inevitable.

If we want the best future for humanity that creates the least amount of human-influenced suffering for everyone, employing methods that supports factual knowledge and emotional intelligence empowers everyone with a complete education that elevates the student and humanity.