Ego Eats Innocence

Recognition that we’re all born into this world innocent is essential for making consistent good choices. Too many of us are entrenched in the ego’s desire for validity and being perceived as perfect, right, and the best. There’s nothing wrong with any of these pursuits, but when others are adversely affected by trying to achieve these goals, we all suffer. Everyone has an ego and that’s a good thing as it allows us to engage with the world, but when the ego unconsciously rules the mind without its knowing, bad things happen to the unaware person and those they come in contact.

Life is difficult to live on its own accord and the intentional hurting of others depreciates humanity. Ego is to blame as it’s easily threatened and coerces people into an entitled mindset thinking they deserve more even if it’s at the expense of others.  Many times if it doesn’t get what it wants, it will hurt itself, others, or at minimum envy those who they perceive to have their desires fulfilled and believe they should have the same at any cost.  And why equanimity is inherent in how humanity should operate because we all need to feel we’re getting a fair shake. But even if that human tenet is chiefly achieved, ego will still succumb to the ChoiceUp motto of if it’s fair, and you compare, you will despair.

Understandably, we equate innocence with the young and those not hardened by time, but innocence is always available to anyone at any age. One can’t free themselves of the ego without innocence.  But life experiences, shame, and guilt embolden the ego, sometimes to the point of desperation where nothing or no one matters. And why it’s so important for a critical mass to recognize and be aware of the ego and its desire for control so as many of us as possible can avert bad intent and create as little human-influenced suffering as possible.  This is only possible through education and love.

Family cohesion is vitally important for every child born. If a child isn’t given and shown all the attributes of love and provided a basic education in their formative years, ego and ignorance fill the void. All of us has had a temper tantrum or given the ego full control in venting emotions at some point in our lives. Usually, that kind of immature behavior takes place during our younger years. And why it’s so important for a parent or guardian to provide guidance for their child, be responsible for them, and face up to the task of loving them no matter how challenging. But most important is for a parent not to be held hostage by a child’s tantrum, threats, or wants. If a child threatens to harm themselves or others by not getting what they want or think they deserve, a parent or guardian needs to be the guiding light of love in their life and not give in to the child’s ego. Love is compassion, but it’s also discipline, kindness, accountability, honesty, and many other things dependent on circumstance.  It’s a fine line where empathy becomes enabling.

Ego wants what it wants irrespective of consequence, and the more humanity gives into it, the more we all suffer.  For a more mature humanity where people come from love in all facets of their lives and make responsible choices, monitoring and being aware of the ego’s intent by all of us is a must.  We can continue to shake our rattles, have tantrums, and behave like children where humanity becomes more entrenched in the trenches of ego and the lesser parts of being human, or we can educate to elevate all of us where pain comes from natural causes and not human induced.

Some might say these are too lofty and naive goals, but all of us have suffered from the bad intent of another and it’s the ego that influenced them.  All of us are born naked and innocent in all ways, and an education without the wisdom of love leaves a person vulnerable to the ego and its painful desires.  So for all of us to make good choices and be the best versions of ourselves where we can respect and get along with one another, a solid foundation of love and education is a must. Without them, we get more of the same crap. And why all of us, especially parents and guardians must ChoiceUp in the decisions we make so humanity can be its best and not let the ego eat our individual or collective innocence.