A More Robust Human Ripening

Humanity is very green in its development.  Although our evolutionary ancestors recede in time to six million years, our current species Homo sapiens is only 200,000 years old.  The average lifespan for a mammal species is one million years.  So, humans have at least another 800,000 years to evolve just to meet the average lifespan for a mammalian species.  But being at the top of the food chain and the vertiginous ways people wield their conceptual manipulations of themselves, others, and the planet in a deceitful or harmful way (knowingly and unknowingly) is the main assailant that will keep us from getting to that average species lifespan.  Of course, there is the ever-present threat from a myriad of natural catastrophes that can exterminate humanity, but shouldn’t we do all we can to stop our species from self-eradication?

History is replete with human-induced suffering that has manifested from man’s virility, bravado, and arrogance.  These are all masculine nouns whose word origin is associated with male behavior.  The most atrocious, shameful, and embarrassing example of mass human-influenced suffering is war.  Not surprisingly, the etymology of war is to confuse or perplex, and points to why humanity hasn’t found a better way to resolve conflicts.  Unfortunately, sometimes war is unavoidable, especially when a person, tribe, or nation-state is threatened or invaded upon.  But to diminish or abolish war altogether in our personal interactions and national affairs, all of us need to recognize such aggression is against our nature of self-preservation.

Inherent in life is change, but adapting to change personally or collectively should never lead to war.  Becoming unsettled and agitated is part of living as life is very complicated and entangled.  But the more of us who are capable of discerning the difference between a complicated situation that’s solvable, and confusion where hopelessness and instinctive autonomic responses abound, the better our chances for avoiding conflict and a continuing evolution.  When people know there is a possible resolution to a problem, the clarity of intelligence prospers and dispels the fog of ignorance.  The inevitable instability and restlessness of living and the circumstances they yield are dilemmas that are solvable, but can only be addressed if seen clearly and without confusion.

For successful maturation of our species, and finding practical actionable remedies to our problems that arise from change and all the various challenges humanity faces, the effeminate and anodyne characteristics of being human need to continue to flourish.  Lacking in most relationships, institutions, and political discourse are attributes that are usually prescribed to women and femininity.  Words like caring, kindness, and compassion are just a few of the nouns not spoken often enough in private or public life.  But there is a current that’s slowly shifting the culture, and feeding new confluences of empowerment to ideas that mitigate an overly-testosterone plagued past.  This zeitgeist is allowing more women and their healing influences to exist on the same playing field as their counterparts.  There’s reason why natural selection has women giving birth and not men.  And as we become more and more connected and seed new relationships, those nurturing aspects will continue to take hold and give humanity the best chance for proliferating far into the future.

That is if we can extinguish the lingering divisive demagoguery or enabling that stokes one faction against another.  It’s an old men-tality that’s firm in history and one that won’t easily let go of its grip.  Humanity is young, and however long we endure, we’ll always be a part of Nature.  She decides how we should operate and get along with one another.  Not slipshod leadership where self-interest rules and exploits its constituents through fear mongering, or provides means without contribution.  Such selfish, unproductive, and unwholesome practices give political parties easy contemptuous talking points, and the media more credibility fodder for their hungry and blinkered we’re-right-and-you’re-not consumers.  Not to mention all the unnecessary pain it creates.

You’re able to read this blog because you along with the rest of us in humanity evolved eyes to do so.  We all see what we want to see.  The fractured political landscape widens because we the people let it.  It seems if you’re of the political right, you desire for everyone to progress until the earth is covered in buildings and parking lots, and the only green space golf courses.  If you lean left, it seems halting progress of any kind to conserve habitat and biodiversity is the only option.  Both sides have value for how we should proceed collectively in the healthiest, most prosperous way possible.  But isn’t it ironic that in the pursuit of civic well-being from one side, we get so irate towards the other side?

Everyone’s well-being starts with their connection to this universe and that connection is our bodies.  All life including us came from a single-cell organism.  60% of our DNA is the same as a banana because we had the same distant cousin before we split off from that particular genome branch.  As stated before in other posts, all of us must embrace and act upon what we collectively know to be unequivocally true for the best world possible.  And the more aligned we are with how Nature works, the better off all of us will be mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Because if we stray too far, we’ll all go bananas!

Plants are the most abundant species on the planet and they’re primarily green.  And we need to peel back and remove all the gray detritus that keeps humanity from growing and thriving.  But it’s complicated as no issue is black and white, but they are solvable if we see them as clearly as possible and without bias.  To disentanglement them, all of us need to make informed decisions that must essentially come from data, science, and what humanity has found to be true.  And not from beliefs for what we hope to be true.  So, all of us must ChoiceUp to wherever we find ourselves and in whatever circumstance, so humanity doesn’t slip on ignorance or ego bananas, and regress into another dark age.  And why we need to educate and elevate each other, so we’re all more equipped to shine love and light for the enlightenment of humanity, and our most robust ripening possible.