Evolutionary Transitioning

Science is the source for all the technology that pervade our lives.  The contemporaneous conveniences from transistors, capacitors, and computers have made human life more comfortable, but unfortunately those advancements aren’t in alignment with humanity’s moral progression or current headspace.  The deadly sins of the ego are stifling humanity’s capacity for sustained equanimity in how we operate.  Just as science has regulated the flow of electrons for our devices to work, everyone in humanity must acknowledge, accept, and amend the resistance in their lives that obstructs the flow of Love so humanity can work.

All branches of science have evolved by employing new falsifiable vetted empirical evidence.  For instance, Newtonian classical mechanics was enhanced and made more accurate by Einstein’s relativity mechanics which in turn helped develop the weirdness of quantum mechanics.  This stratifying progression was built from the openness and willingness to accept unfamiliar facts no matter how non-intuitive, weird, or bizarre they seem.  Likewise, everyone needs to be willing and open to try and pierce the dark unexplored parts of ourselves that create unnecessary suffering for ourselves, others, and the planet – regardless of how difficult, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar the task may be.  How else can mankind be made better?  Light exists for us to see.  Sound exists for us to listen.  Feelings exist to be touched.  Food for taste and what’s that smell?

Einstein in his personal life was no saint and would admit as such.  But he was well aware of how myopic people can be and their potential for despair and destruction.  He said, “It has become appalling obvious our technology has exceeded our humanity.” and, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots.”.  Einstein foresaw how our manipulation of matter through science would do very little to edify man or make virtue a main ingredient in the volition of men.  Technology, no matter how advanced – is still just a tool.  For their survival, the first humans rubbed sticks for the warmth of a fire, or fashioned spears for food or to be used against a perceived foe.  We’re now finding ourselves in the same position as our neolithic ancestors, needing to make consequential choices for our continuing evolution and self-preservation.  Today’s fire and spear are education and awareness, and the recognition and acceptance of our inseparable connections with ourselves, each other, all life, the planet and Universe.  We’re beyond being able to make decisions solely out of leisure and convenience.  As the Dali Lama says, “Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.”.