Freedom to Be

The undercurrents of societal stupidity have manifested once again in the form of a tsunami of injustice, unnecessary pain, and opportunism.  MLK’s brilliance was he saw reality in its raw form and led accordingly.  He said, “It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated.  We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny.  Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.  It is the way our universe is structured; this is its interrelated quality.  We aren’t going to have peace on Earth (or with ourselves) until we recognize this is the basic fact of the interrelated structure of all reality.”  Dr. King understood the entanglement of reality and the need for everyone to recognize there is no separate self.  The universe, life, and our species are all interconnected and interdependent, and everyone needs to make choices that support this central tenet of Dr. King’s for humanity’s (and our personal) sustainability.  

No one requested to be born naked and innocent in all ways including mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Nature doesn’t care about anyone’s skin color, beliefs, or what one thinks personally, culturally, or otherwise.  She simply provides the framework for reality and existence.  And to reiterate from a previous post, life is difficult and why we need to be kind and support each other authentically, comprehensively, and collaboratively.  Seeing our self in others, and not as separate, needs to be heeded by everyone for species sustainability.  Operating from ego and in a conditioned unconsidered reactionary way breeds divisiveness.  Once again, we’re witnessing our species experiencing a growing pain transitioning from an instinctive automatic reaction to stimuli to a broader more nuanced and inclusive response of self, others, and the planet.  Divisiveness may have once been necessary for survival, but with the advent of volition in our species’ evolution and the connectivity of today’s world, humanity can’t afford to lose its innocence and believe, see, or act that another person, situation, or the planet are separate from themselves.

We can’t change what has happened in the past from ego’s contrived ill-begotten species-diminishing decisions like slavery or war with others or ourselves, but we can and should learn from them so we don’t repeat them.  The greatest threat to humanity isn’t black or white, it’s green.  The allure of acquiring and retaining money and power have compromised, contaminated, and convoluted too many.  The fuel for exploiting others and the planet has been and continues to be, the almighty dollar.  Money isn’t bad as it functions as a currency, but whether it’s a plantation owner using a particular race for profit, or big pharma ignoring data on a drug and a side effect like an addiction for its earnings, profiteering from the suffering of others and the planet need to stop for our species’ preservation.  Companies and institutions do a lot of good things for humanity, but overt exploitations of others and the planet need to cease for peace and everyone’s wellbeing. 

We’re a capitalistic society where innovation should be rewarded.  But predictable safe returns to shareholders from companies, and guaranteed grants to institutions for warmed-over reliable research with predictable outcomes are restricting novel approaches for solving problems.  The assurance of the dollar has replaced ingenuity making our species culturally asinine and less resilient to evolve sustainably.  We’re seeing the cracks in social structures by placing the dollar above inventiveness and the ability to transform into the best version of humanity.  Balance is a central directive for life and our species’ survival.  But security and greed have usurped creative solutions needed for social and environmental sustainability.  We’re not advocating throwing caution to the wind, but societal unrest from established social structures that restrict innovation and opportunity in favor of security will persist until leaders adopt comprehensive inclusive plans that align with the innocence of every person and their inalienable rights for freedom.

In the USA where we’re an ostensible democracy, the merit of one’s work and contribution is rewarded despite culture or race.  But humans are crafty, and the legal exploitations from both political parties that simmer divisiveness from using people as commodities are once again boiling over.  Cultural manipulations that limit opportunity and divide on both sides of the political fence cannot supersede democracy’s meritocracy where one’s effort and contribution are rewarded.  We can’t extricate bad non-species supportive policy without considering everyone’s innate innocence.  Innocence is our essence, and the contamination of ourselves or others legally or otherwise keeps our species from existing sustainably.  Every person is a cell in the global body, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to discern how they’re being compromised or affected by anything.  No one should be a stooge to any one person, party, company, or institution.  It’s up to everyone to know when their innocence is being depleted.  Decontamination of our species starts with everyone, but those of leadership and power need to be the example.  Humanity has suffered enough from those with power massaging the ignorance of those without power for profit and political security. 

Life is hard, entangled, and complicated, and why we need to support each other. And to do so effectively, all of us need to be as whole as we can be, but we can’t have wholeness without innocence.  We need to put the mask on our self first so we can help our self, others, and the planet authentically for overall wellbeing.  Wholeness doesn’t exploit.  Selfishness and loss of innocence used to be optional, but not anymore.  Dr. King’s message makes clear that reality is entangled, and we can’t let money manipulate and exhaust innocence and how we operate as a people.  People aren’t disposable, and it’s up to everyone to know when their innocence is being lost so they can fortify themselves against such actions.  Nature can’t be stopped, but we can stop contaminating human nature so we can make our species’ evolution the best it can be.  Birds used to be dinosaurs, and if humanity wants to soar beyond today’s unrest, all of us need to operate with species supportive intent that comes from innocence.  Ego, ignorance, and bad intent cut the threads of innocence and dims its light that makes the fabric of reality.  Light is colorblind and so is our pure unadulterated natural essence.  Humanity is grossly naïve if it thinks it can have the freedom to be without having the innocence of where we came from, and where we go, as an integral part of how we relate to our self, others, and the planet.