ChoiceUp to Change

Constant change is inherent in the universe and for humanity to continue on its evolutionary track where the opportunity to live and grow exists, a majority of us need adapt to change in the most humane, mature, and responsible way possible. It seems the greatest threat to developed countries today is the misuse of technology. Technology in any form is merely a tool. Whether it’s a stick or computer, both are a means to an end. But the immediate and limited act of stoking a fire with a stick to stay warm or to keep the steam flowing doesn’t have the same power or consequential potential as today’s broad use of technology. Mass transportation from cars, boats, trains, and planes; energy grids that need fueling and monitoring; instantaneous communication, and the possible threat of biological or nuclear war are just a few of the powerfully impactful, far-reaching influences of today’s technologies.

Through progress, we humans invented these advancements for many reasons, but the primary motivation, especially early in our development was innate innocent curiosity. It’s in our DNA to discover and explore the world around us like perennial toddlers. And through this instinctive natural impulse and some applied ingenuity, we’ve transformed the world into what it is today.  This anthropic alchemy has benefited developed parts of the world the most by making life more comfortable, entertaining, and connected, but it has also made us vulnerable to a laziness in values.  Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for some to pluck the fruits of this human intrinsic inquisitiveness in how the world works and contort it for personal gain at an exaggerated expense of others and/or the planet. It’s the kind of behavior you’d expect from a toddler and a part of human growth.  But we can’t stay young forever.

To be clear, ChoiceUp advocates for competition where everyone has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and to acquire as much wealth and power as possible. The more of us who are prosperous and contribute to humanity, the better off all of us are. But when someone’s sole purpose is to accumulate power and wealth at any cost without considering the consequences of their pursuit, everyone suffers. And why the inclusive and balanced ChoiceUp motto of – if a choice serves you, others, and the planet (all life) needs to be implemented by all. Humans will continue to explore and require resources, but we need to do so in a fair, just, and sustainable way.  And for humanity to continue and prosper, we need to elevate how we operate as a species or we’ll stunt or eliminate entirely our growth.  Choices are the lubricant in the machine of civilization and we need an oil change.

All of us should be grateful to the few in humanity who have utilized their amazing talents and creativity for the rest of us to have a contemporaneous way of life. Most in developed parts of the world regardless of socioeconomic status lack little compared to the aristocrats and wealthy of just a century ago.  Today, our markets, industry, and institutions run increasingly efficient and with more ease, but what hasn’t kept pace with technological advancements is our values. Few gave us modern conveniences, but we the many are still mired in our toddler ways of selfishness, immediate gratification, ignorance, and too easily offended. Unfortunately, from the tools of technology and instant communication, too many of us simply wait to be offended or find an offense to complain about.  Too many of us are looking for the chance to immediately tell mommy media and others of shared interest how we or someone else had been victimized. This is a childish mindset, way of doing things, and does little to fix problems.

There are way too many victims today because of greed, race, a hat, or headdress and we should find constructive ways to combat them, but when we feel or perceive our surroundings through vapid victimhood, we give our power away and relinquish hope for healing.  Sensationalism and being indignant might get ratings, but everyday ordinary education and the empowerment of each other uplifts all.  It’s all very complicated, but real authentic empowerment comes from the tenets of love and not the special interests that dominates our culture and how we get along.  Love’s actions are mature, responsible, empathetic, honest, and respectful, and more of us need to behave this way. 

So as humanity makes its way around the next bend, let’s not go off the rails from decisions that divide, but instead let’s choose to be adults and unite whenever we can.  And that comes from love and ChoiceUping to all the challenges and changes coming our way.