Humanity’s Hypnosis

When humans developed the capacity to make intended mindful choices instead of instinctive autonomic ones, the epoch of manipulation of our environment and each other began.  Humanity’s most primitive decisions were primarily for survival.  But as the collective ego evolved and we started conceptualizing how to control things, exploiting and making bad choices became possible.  Our earliest choices were mostly out of necessity, but now in the developed parts of the world, most decisions are made out of convenience and accommodation.

Having settled in such a world, civilization’s ‘progress’ has established institutions that are seemingly in the interest of guiding and developing well-rounded, good-intended people.  Whether these institutions are founded on a civil or religious basis, their goal is to expand or at minimum endure.  There is nothing inherently wrong with their ambition as they are part of the unfurling of a culture usually steeped in tradition and want to pass that tradition along to future generations.  What is troubling however, is when a noble or ethical standard is sacrificed for their growth or survival.  Power and profit have no place in any of our institutions as they should exist only to provide navigation and support.

All institutions should exist to provide a pathway for everyone to succeed, yet too often greed rises to the surface and becomes the focal point for officials and those they serve.  When this happens, people become a commodity used as collateral and insurance for obtaining or keeping control.  This trend and mode of operation has become too entrenched in the ethos of our world and is suffocating humanity’s potential for a just and sustainable planet.  This very real demarcation of greed that has created a chasm of blindness between the self-perceived privileged of haves and the self-perceived victims of have-nots is growing larger every day.

The only remedy for this divide is Love and the Light it shines.  If we want to dissipate the darkness of ignorance where greed resides and have mature sustaining resolutions to problems that engenders social competence, clear and unabated recognition of the issues must be made.  This in turn will make obvious the actions and discourse needed to heal and mitigate social unfairness.  By the time a person is capable of civic engagement, work, or starts climbing the corporate or institutional ladder, they should be equipped with an ethical and moral compass that enables them to optimally utilizes their position for the betterment of themselves, others, and the planet.  The result will be a more fair, balanced, and sustainable capitalistic field where constructive competition for leverage and impact will be elevated.

The human race is at a crossroads where we don’t have the leisure of making choices based solely on convenience and accommodation.  There’s too many of us – and humanity nor the planet can tolerate unconsidered short-sighted decisions anymore.  To free ourselves from the destructive parts in how humans operate and the downward spiraling hypnotic divide that pits one against another, humanity and everyone in it need to ChoiceUp in their personal and public lives.  It’s the only way out of the manifested divisiveness we feel and see everywhere.