HuMANity’s MANhatten Project

Technology is making the world smaller and smaller, more condensed than a short time ago.  The absorption and dissemination of information are instantaneous and far-reaching, unlike yesteryear when its influence was more proximate and slower.  These contemporary impressions make the passage of time seem faster and personal head-space smaller from the tethering of all the various forms of today’s technologies.  We’re so entangled that prevention to future problems need to be heeded by everyone.  Regardless of culture, connectivity, capability, or competence, we’re all part of the solution to all the problems facing humanity.  And that solution is to use our volition, and contribute in a constructive MANner to the support necessary for our species and planet to exist in a balanced and enduring way.

The atom bomb was developed to end WWII.  Irrespective of opinion for its use being necessary or not, it was going to be made eventually.  Fortunately from the twist of fate, and ironically from the impact of authoritarian rule and eventual diaspora, many of the scientists who made the bomb on the side of the Allies fled oppression and the diminishing aspects of too much control over civic rule.  This collection of scientists from around the world whose sole purpose was to thwart ethnic cleansing and loss of freedom was called The MANhatten Project.  History is replete with forced and volunteered sacrifices made so that all of us are able to click on whatever we want and say whatever we want.  And aside from today’s authoritarian nations that censure these acts, it’s incumbent upon all of us to use information and freedom of expression in the most responsible species-supported way possible.

How we relate to each other is paramount for resolving today’s social dysfunctions. But entrenched intransigence and polemic rhetoric coupled with instantaneous information and feedback are fracturing humanity at an accelerated rate.  All of us keep reinforcing our beliefs by looking for like-minded content and putting on blinders to opposing views. The perpetual narrowing of perception is unhealthy for social competency. Humanity needs a contemporary MANhattan Project to develop a method for all of us to get along with each other. 

Different ideologies, diversity in general, and an array of perspectives enrich experience and ensure the best chance for solutions to problems. They need to be preserved and allowed to exist in a respectful and tolerant way.  Too often from a lack of self-empowerment and values, we’re guided by victimhood or entitlement in how we see the world and respond to it.  There are many systemic injustices where civic leaders exploit constituents by enabling their victimization mindsets for gaining or keeping power. Then there are those who think they’re entitled to rapaciously keep or acquire power at any cost to others or the environment. And then abuse that power further, by not providing opportunity to those without it. These systemic injustices that MANifest so much anger and resentment need to be mitigated by all of us, but especially by our civic leaders for long-term social function.

But it’s all very complicated.  However, if all of us can peel back some of our individual ego and contribute less to the collective ego, we give more hope for more of us to recognize that our similarities outweigh our differences.  But to see and feel this, and have the courage it takes to allow it to affect our beliefs, behavior, and actions – all of us need to be as whole as possible. Wholeness is intrinsic for life to work. Physical matter’s balanced approach in how it relates and constitutes itself for life and all of us to exist, is the path for humanity and how we should get along with one another.  We need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and be as whole as possible before we can be a responsible and contributing part of humanity. 

The mingling of counterparts from a variety of influences and sources make for a healthy whole ecosystem of any kind, including humanity. There’s a lot more life at the equator than at the poles. And why we need a present-day MANhatten Project, where all of us make the best choice available in whatever circumstance we find ourselves for us, others, and the planet. The world simply isn’t big enough for ego-centric mindsets of victimhood or entitlement that MANifests unbalanced excessive greed and power. And why it takes all of us to be part of the solution where there’s a willingness to be open to all information, and mindful in how it’s disseminated. We’re all in this together whether we like it or not with no place to go except up. And why all of us need to ChoiceUp in any moment and wherever we are in our lives. How else do we come up with workable social solutions and preserve a lasting manKIND?