Lack of Love

Humans worship their beliefs whether they’re aware of it or not.  Humans justify actions based on those beliefs creating confirmation biases.  The confluence of impressions that manifest bias or belief has created a myriad of mental dispositions interacting with one another.  These varied and complex attitudes are becoming more prominent and entangled from the ease of access to technology.  Everyone having a voice is the impetus for how our species evolves into the future.  This has made the functioning of society more transparent, fair, and inclusive, but these traits are based primarily on wealth or lack thereof.

Naturally, humans are more than ego’s desire to acquire or experiencing things, and for cultural competency and species’ sustainability, all of us need to elevate love above money in value.  Love is our essence.  And the more of us who come from love and have more authentic natural beliefs instead of manmade mirages from money, the healthier and more sustainable our engagements.  Ask anyone not lacking basic needs what they value most, and more often than not the response is loved ones.

The emergence of social media has given everyone a megaphone to the masses.  Technology has brought our species to a place of virtual hyper-sociality.  In their book Survival of the Friendliest, Vanessa Woods and Brian Hare share how our species Homo sapiens won-out over other hominids like Neandertals by working together.  They say our species survived because we possess what they call cooperative communication. 

Cooperative communication provides social tolerance for humanity to self-domesticate where various groups collaborated on cultural innovations and passed them on to ensuing generations.  This cooperation afforded our species to flourish to the ends of the earth.  But this same capacity for friendliness and shared values that have allowed our species to evolve to today can also make bonds and alliances so strong that when threatened manifest aggression and cruelty toward others.  The most egregious example of group hostility is war.

But without group generational cooperation, we wouldn’t have all the comforts and things of a contemporaneous life like sanitation and access to basic needs.  We have ways to go to ensure their availability for all, but in developed parts of the world that have them, we need to have more empathy and gratitude.  We fight over indulgences.  We now have the capacity, freedom, and leisure for valuing wants and desires over needs.  The divisive energy and mindsets placed on monitoring greed, jealousy, and unjust acquisition of power and money through a lens of victimhood and entitlement are ripping our humanity apart.  Everyone should strive for a just and sustainable future, but too many of us are mired in blaming others instead of fixing ourselves first.  It’s a complex world, but allowing ego and readily available outlets to confirm our biases through media, social, religious, or political groups, are threatening our species continuing evolution.

Intransigence and not being open to other views from conditioning and belief blinders are keeping humanity from reckoning with its interrelationships.  Opposing stances are glorious and enrich options for problems, but being stuck in the mud or swamp impedes life’s inherent need to flow to exist.  Wherever you sit on the political fence and get information, please know you’re not getting the whole story.  The extent of the ego to see itself is incredulous, and it’s simply too easy to find support for biases in today’s world.  Humans evolved with two eyes, two ears, and one mouth.  We need to let Nature be our guide and not man’s ego.

We need to relearn how to get along with others.  We can’t let the paradoxes of our evolution keep us from being our best.  COVID19 has demonstrated there is no out-group.  As Woods and Hare say, “We self-domesticated so we could relate to each other, (open to) making contact with another ideology, culture, or race for everyone’s benefit.”  But our contacts and physical engagements have been lessening before the pandemic from technology.  All of us need to get familiar with gratitude and empathy, and know less victimhood and entitlement.  And for that we need love.

But love is a contact sport especially for empathy and standing in another’s shoes.  And even though the world has gotten a lot smaller since Neolithic times, humanity’s mind-meld and isolation are increasing.  And to stop and dig out of the virtual cacophony of crap everyone is exposed to every day so humanity can be its best, everyone needs to be open to other ideas and beliefs.  We need to let the threads of love that have weaved our physical personal history to extend to the larger net of others for humanity’s continuing evolution.  The ease, desire, and exploitations of an impersonal internet cannot be our guide.  Feel, be, and envision what you value most, and that gives hope to our shared humanity.  How else do we lessen destructive values and lack of love in the world?