Larger Bowl Leaders

Humanity, through science, has made great strides in understanding nature and its workings.  From these technological advancements, we’ve manipulated matter and light for ever-increasing comfort, travel, and communication.  But with so many conveniences at our disposal, why is there a lack of happiness, gratitude, and peace?  At ChoiceUp, we believe it’s an over-immersion in the present-day anthropic-dominated world we’ve created.  We’re clever creatures and have benefited mightily from innovation, especially compared to our ancestors of the past and what they had to endure, but humanity’s losing its way transitioning from a survival-based, necessity-driven evolution, to a more privileged one of physical abundance.  This material propensity has made human life more comfortable but has come with a price on the planet, its inhabitants, and how we get along with one another.

Whatever your level of environmental or economic concern, it’s obvious humans are negatively impacting the Earth from placing too high a utility on money.  With an island of plastic the size of Texas floating in the Pacific or the rapid melting of the polar ice caps, the development of civilization has had significant debilitating ecological consequences.  We can’t help how we got to this place in developing as a species, but we can change the tide toward a more sustainable future.  The greatest obstacle for a lasting human race is ignorance from unexamined egos and the tolerance for, and acceptance of, excessive greed.  Exploitation in all forms that manifest from conceptual manipulations from those in power are flooding and saturating our values, social functioning, and the Earth with debilitating debris.

Money like an iphone, wrench, or stick is simply a tool used for the exchange of goods and services.  The current of currency from the exchange of goods and services has had the greatest influence transforming humanity into our contemporary way of life and where humanity is today.  Everyone should strive to be the wealthiest person in the universe if they desire, but it has to be done in a lawful and lasting way.  In America, our capitalistic society is far from perfect, but it has the most competitive free markets in the world, and a necessary component for humanity to be its best.  Curiosity’s greatest ally for transitioning into applied ingenuity is potential profit, where compensation for novel ideas are encouraged and realized – and not from threatening obligation like in authoritarian regimes.  And for these economic implements to successfully work in our financial systems, they must be free and fair for all, and not disproportionately favoring those with the most power and money.

Nature exists through the adaptation of balancing biological and behavioral qualities through compatibility and competition, and humanity is no different.  And for a lasting humanity, and how we adjust to change and manage future’s uncharted waters, we need to continue to encourage, through competition and compatibility, the best and brightest among us to flourish.  Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the whole world stimulating successful progress”.  We can’t help but build on the knowledge of the past. But it is essential in how we move forward, to make of the highest priority, rewarding those who contribute and compliment to a world that can endure.  Innovation through science got us into this material mess and it can get us out – if we collectively accept what it finds to be true and support its recommended remedies. 

The myriad of ways we are influenced by technology and the accessibility of instant communication have too many of us living on the surface of life, acting and reacting too quickly to everything. Entrenched ideology and the echoing political feedback loops available today are fracturing humanity in an unsustainable and unbalanced way.  Both sides provide fodder that alienates one side from the other.  They do it to retain and try to gain more power.  This isn’t new news.  But what is new news is the power in each of us to slow down and consider changing our behavior and beliefs so they are more in-line with Nature and what we’ve found to be true in how She operates.  No matter how advanced our species, we will always be a part of Nature and need to collectively agree on this principle for building successful social bridges.  Natural law of complimentary, and incentive for the brightest among us to compete in the arena of ideas and innovation, is a blueprint for sustainable use of technology and all of us to be stewards of our species.  Nature got us here and we need leaders to follow Her recipe for bringing balance back to our species.

Natural law is a law of relational balance between disparate parts that form a whole.  Atoms that make up everything in the universe, exist in a stable equilibrium between nucleons and electrons.  Atoms make molecules, that make amino acids, that make proteins, that make cells, that make organs for homeostatic functioning; all working together in a compatible way for each person to be alive.  This is an example of successful relationships that work together in natural law and order for life to exist in a lasting way.  And for humanity to be its best, and the best world possible, we need leaders who support all of us being our best whole best cell(f) in the global body, and how we relate to others irrespective of cultural, financial, political, or technological influences. 

In some cultures, like in Africa, families and friends along with guests from the community eat communal meals out of the same bowl.  Maybe it’s not the most hygienic practice, but it is emblematic that we are of the same stuff, signifying unity, and that there is no separate self when it comes to existence and living.  Through anthropology, archaeology, and DNA sequencing, we know everyone descended from the same valley or bowl in East Africa. Likewise, we exist, evolve, and live from the same larger bowl that is made whole from Earth, Air, and Water. And for relational well-being and wholeness with ourselves, others, and the planet, it is essential for the use of power, money, and technology to flow to those who can lead us to a place of social and ecological competence. This can only happen if we encourage the vying of the best ideas and allow them to spring forth and be realized. Innovative ideas from understanding nature through reason and imagination have gotten our species to this place in time. And they need to continue to be able to be utilized again and again, for the best, most supportive ways to keep the larger bowl whole and intact.