Love or Languish

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  And a critical mass needs to feel and apply it in their personal and professional lives for maintaining human evolution. Regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, or social orientation, love doesn’t discriminate and is available to all.  But ignorance from the enabling of victimhood and entitlement, and the systemic processes built for them to endure, is causing too much divisivness from too many to feeling not empowered, respected, or loved.  The lack of love is depreciating humanity and leaching too much apathy and anger into the world.  The catchphrase ‘Let Love Rule’ is used in music, poetry, and art, but for wide-ranging significant impact, it needs to be felt and utilized by all.  

Judging and perceiving the world through a conditioned lens from cultural experiences is unavoidable for how we view the world. None of us can escape our past and the surroundings that shaped our lives during formative years.  Everyone carries an indelible personal history from womb to tomb.  Making policy and practices that support human existence predicated solely on money has gotten us to where we are today, but its shelf-life has past.  Forming just and sustainable legislation is complicated as everything is entangled, but incorporating love and empathy as a metric with money would narrow the decision-making process and constitute more fair and balanced law. Money is simply a tool that can be used for good or bad, and unfortunately history is laden with its misuse from excessive greed and corruption, where love simply supports.

Everyone knows when they experience love, but no one knows exactly what it is, as it’s a mystery of the broadest scope.  Its spectrum is filled with many attributes that support all life, including humanity.  It’s the essential component in balance, and balance is what nature requires for life to flourish.  Whatever the advancements of technology or how artificial humans and our world might become, humans will always be a part of nature where balance is vital for existence. But it’s glaring clear our species is becoming unbalanced from the lesser parts of being human controlling and influencing the masses.  This entrenchment of keeping the status quo to gain or retain power has become stale and tired causing political discourse to become debilitatingly intransigent.  Love’s balance and guidance is a requirement for adapting to humanity’s challenges, and hope for our species self-preservation.

Few doubt love’s existence, but not enough humans rely on it, come from it, or know the strength of its power.  Men and ego have dominated history, where love is considered trite and a platitude furnishing stereotypes that are naive, weak, and feminine. But we humans are evolving, and the legitimacy of love as a viable real asset is bubbling to fruition.  Educational institutions teach that knowledge is power – and it is, but without love’s guidance in how it is used, it becomes destructive or at best meaningless.  If love is not present in how knowledge and reason is applied, it leaves a vacuum for the ego and the potential for conceptual contamination that manifests too much pain and suffering.  And that kind of behavior needs to go extinct or we will.

Many songs have lyrics about love, either by having been smitten or bitten by it.  It’s used figuratively about objects and emotional states, but real love is mysteriously immutable, predisposed to recycling, and exists as steadfast support for development and growth.  Like love, music is vast and exists in many forms, but the cacophony of special interests and excessive greed are drowning out the harmony of humanity and the ability for all of us to sing as One.  All voices need to be heard, but we have to listen with at least the same openness for how we want to be heard.

Life is difficult to live for everyone.  Everyone.  And the more of us who come from love, the potential for a more enduring humanity.  Our species is young compared to the universe and many other species on the planet.  And to prevent toddling over the edge of unsustainability and becoming too far out of balance to exist in a prosperous lasting way, all of us need to embrace and absorb the nutrients of love.  Undoubtedly, the overuse of love makes it vague and less valued, but without it our species can’t grow in a sustainable way.

The deficit of love and values from a lack of social support that starts with the family is astronomical and increasing. From one generation to the next, love needs to be valued just as much as money for an enduring and proliferating humanity. History is replete with placing too high a utility on money and above love, and all the human-influenced suffering it has caused. And for a lasting evolution where each person has the chance to succeed and not languish, all of us need to feel and utilize love’s balance and support in all aspects of our lives.  If we don’t, we’re doomed. Let Love Rule!