Love Enforcement

In free countries, laws are the restraints for social order and freedom.  But history is replete with unbalanced and unfair laws that favor a group over others.  Through species evolution, humanity developed social caste systems from oligarchical monarchies.  Privileged families with generational rule and their aristocracy subjugating the rest of the population were nascent and crude attempts at social order.  Yet however unfair, tyrannical, or corrupt; such myopic rule provided humanity the ability to evolve, look past what was, and glean the discriminations of monarchies.  It provided the opportunity to envision a better, more balanced world where everyone has a voice and the hierarchies of the past gone.  However, with the well-intended development of republics and rule by the people, the shadows of prejudice from democracy’s framers made less bright a future of equanimity and justice for all.  Humanity is brightening the future with today’s blessed unrest, but balance, peace, and unity are essential for real lasting colorblindness.  And we hope that this social distilling brings clarity to everyone’s choices for a truly colorblind world. 

A republic and its democracy are the most natural, sustainable, and concomitant way for civic discourse and rule.  Nothing is perfect as entropy rules, but we can have a better union and society with more fusion, and less fission and fracturing.  Facts don’t lie and there is systemic institutional racism.  And to mitigate it, we can’t keep looking through the political power lens of red, blue, or green for authentic sustainable solutions.  The spectrum of colors we see and use for labels are a reflection from one light.  A light that doesn’t experience spacetime and can’t be seen in its pure distilled form.  A light Einstein used to understand the Laws of Nature which humanity is a part.  And for the best world possible, all of us need to recognize and implement light’s inherent property of oneness in how we operate in our lives.  Life is the prism that refracts light’s oneness and allows for it and us to see and be.  We create our world through choices; we see and are what we want to see and be, and why equal opportunity for all is a must.  Light is colorblind and so is its intrinsic human quality we call love.  And for sustainable law and order, everyone needs to see, know, and experience love.

The absence of love in people’s lives and prioritizing money and power above it are clouding humanity’s ability to function sustainably.  Love provides the spectrum of possibilities for life and the framework for finding sustainable solutions to humanity’s problems.  Its inherent quality of balance is a necessary component for anything that lasts.  And the opaque denseness and weight of humanity’s head and ego are weighing on everyone’s heart and mudding our collective ability to see clearly and be colorblind.  We’re committing intellectual suicide by cutting off access to hearts.  There can’t be thinking intelligence without emotional intelligence, and the misconceived value and priority of money and the envy that it manifests has created beliefs and confirmation biases that justify a tolerance for inhuman behavior.  We worship our beliefs, and the material and want of more is overshadowing decency and the better parts of being human.  And to thwart the decay of cultural competency, complete freedom and opportunity for all is a must.  But for that to happen, love has to be equal to or greater than power and money in value.  The bowing to the almighty dollar, and the destructive beliefs and justifications for acquiring more of it at the expense of others are making our species more lawless and less valued.

Love, not money is what makes the world go round.  And a critical mass needs to be equipped to find the fulcrum of love in any moment to support the delicate balance of self, others, and the planet for species’ sustainability.  Nature and reality are relative, relational, and in constant flux, and everyone needs to awaken to the light of love that runs throughout them.  The connectivity of technology has brought transparency, but also the capacity to influence and why everyone’s capacity to discern, see, and be love is essential.  Choices without love are meaningless, divisive, and dumb.  But we’re human, imperfect, and make bad decisions.  Yet we can reconcile mistakes and become more colorblind in our choices with openness and the many nurturing aspects of love’s light.  Life emerges in disparate ways, but humans have volition and it’s about time we use it in a species-supportive way. 

Enforcement and love may seem contradictory in terms, but with humanity a part of Nature and its light of love in everything, compliance of its application in human nature is required for a lasting humanity.  Everyone coming from the gestalt of love’s light will do wonders to heal the wounds of our species.  But with the matrix of relationships and the interconnectedness of things; entanglement, confusion, and the temptation to not be colorblind will always exist.  Red, blue, and green aren’t going away any time soon, but we can’t keep fighting amongst ourselves.  In America we have the Constitution and it’s not a perfect reflection of love’s light, but it’s close and can be updated to become more colorblind.  To make it more perfect and for the best civic functioning, we need to value ourselves, each other, and the planet.  Lawlessness is unacceptable.  Blessed unrest and updating of the law is done with a vote.  Coercion will always be around the corner casting shadows of division and depleting love’s light, and why balanced heads and hearts are essential.  Humanity’s transitioning from autocracies to democracies has and will have growing pains like life itself, but for less resistance, peace, and colorblindness everyone has to be open to love’s light.  And for all that to happen we need love enforcement.