Multidimensional Error Detector

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  The origin of this quote has been deeply disputed so authorship not offered, but that doesn’t lessen the significance of its directive.  And with humanity coping and adjusting to a different normalcy from the effects of COVID-19, the more the importance for all of us to be empathetic to ourselves, others, and the planet.  But there’s a fine line between empathy and enabling, and it’s up to all of us to know the demarcation.  In his book The Power of Human Adam Waytz describes what he calls The Lesser Mind Problem as the tendency to see other minds as less equipped or valued than our own.  He says, “perceiving another mind in its full humanity is not a natural propensity and requires mental effort”.  It takes effort for empathy, and to know when it’s gone too far, but such effort can be difficult to muster from increasingly two-dimensional influences.

The three-dimensional world (excluding time) of the universe is where nature and life exists.  Yet in the current Anthropocene era, we’ve become so data-driven, and our attention consumed by 2D screens that we’re losing touch with the balance and flow of long-established patterns of the 3D natural world and the life it has created, including us.  Our immersion in the production and consumption of information from a 2D world is compromising the space needed to know ourselves and how we fit in the real 3D world.  Data and information have had a powerful influence on humanity, but like technology, they’re simply tools.  Everyone needs to filter content responsibly and discern its effects on them in 3D, and not get trapped in the anthropic mind-meld of impersonal 2D screens.

Humans, being an amalgam of physical particles formed from evolutionary adaptation, have evolved to think and feel.  Thoughts and feelings that have steered our species to survive through family and communal partnerships, where everyone capable contributes to its functioning.  From technology and in the blink of an evolutionary eye, isolated burgeoning cities and regions began to entwine from physical travel, and more recently sprawl virtually from the web and 2D screens forming our current global society.  COVID-19 has removed the in-person 3D sojourning half of the equation, and now we’re left with the mind-meld from 2D screens.  Whether it’s for work or play, all of us need to consume and contribute responsibly in 2D as the consequences manifest as real thoughts and feelings in 3D. 

Not long ago, our Neolithic cousins used data and information primarily for the survival of their families and tribal communities in the 3D tactile world.  But in the advent of civilization and the ensuing mind-meld from 2D screens, data and information for survival reasons are being forgotten. With the internet’s prevalence and the increasingly wildness of the web and 2D jungle, the hyenas of hypocrisy, deception, and greed are just around the next page.  And why all of us need to be mentally and emotionally equipped in 3D to combat threats from 2D.  And with 2D’s perennial presence in the 3D global community, more nurturing species supportive content is needed to thwart bad actors.  With our faces glued to 2D screens and data and information coming from who knows where, it’s up to all of us to discern content and its effects in the real 3D world. 

It’s sad how contrived content from misguided selfish infiltration foment cultural divides and manifests so much pain, usually from an anonymous shadowed source.  Bad intent and hate aren’t the opposite of love, they’re the absence of it.  And with the economy shrinking and job loss escalating, the potential for envy, hate, and irresponsible behavior intensifies.  The world isn’t big enough for primitive behavior preying on the easily influenced and exploiting the darker side of the web.  Desperation will expand from a contracting economy where compare and despair from the ramifications from COVID-19 will get played out in 2D but the consequences felt in 3D.  Transparency of the dark web isn’t coming anytime soon to monitor nefarious behavior, and why love and its light needs to shine on everyone in every dimension.  Humanity can’t afford to eschew the development of any person. 

The internet and use of 2D screens use to be optional, but now they’re essential and need to be utilized in a concomitant way for our survival.  Species supportive, good well-intended content emerges from the guidance and love of a parent or guardian in 3D.  Today, we’re birthing children into 2D land, controlling content early, but inevitably that controlled content will comingle with the wild web.  Children who are exposed to the jungle without guidance suffer harrowing consequences.  Unthinking and unfeeling 2D screens beckon our attention more and more, and with content from the jungle containing good and bad like any one person, contributing responsibly and objectively interpreting content is a must for our species’ preservation.  Consistent indoctrination of love and guidance in 3D is required for that to happen.   

Everyone is fighting a hard battle, and why we should be kind to ourselves, others, and the planet.  But not just for empathetic reasons – but to ensure as little pain as possible for everyone and the continuing evolution of our species.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe transcending all dimensions.  But to know the black and white of love and its balanced inflection point of when to be empathetic and not enable isn’t easy, and it takes effort.  It’s complicated as we’re made of particles and being influenced in an array of ways.  But the vulnerability from 2D fabricated misleading content has never been greater, and until the light of love dispels the shadows of fear and hate that make such content, the less hope for humanity. 

The 2D jungle is rife with confirmation biases.  Whether it’s well-intended or not; contributing to, profiting, or gaining power from content that divides need to be seen for what it is.  Both sides of the political spectrum prey on intransigence, and until everyone sees objective truth in the mommy media messiahs, or extreme autarchic warriors for what they are, more unnecessary pain will persist.  Humans are a part of nature, and the well-established natural progression of forming belief-blinders institutionally, culturally, and personally needs to be challenged by all.  Humans are the dominant species on the planet and with love the most powerful force in any dimension, all of us need to be open to the light of truth and not beliefs to evolve sustainably.

The discoveries from science are humanity’s foundation for authentic sustainable growth. We know so much about the natural world, its rhythms, and reality, and should be the launching point for how our species operates.  The world isn’t big enough for deception and greed as it used to be.  In the past, there was enough 3D space for bad behavior that coincided with human evolution.  But now there are too many of us, and with the mind-meld from 2D content influencing the 3D world more than ever, an error detector for bad intent and behavior in any dimension is necessary from all. Multidimensional well-established patterns of nature and reality that make for life and found by science need to be heeded and utilized in how our species functions.  No mind is lesser than any other. Maybe more contaminated or enlightened, but not less. So let’s responsibly contribute and consume content in 2D so data and information can heal and not divide in 3D. Love is the multidimentional arbiter and its light shines in all dimensions. All we have to do is see so there’s sustainable thinking and feeling in these dimensions and others yet to be discovered.