Language of Love

Whatever your station in life, career, or employment – engagement with others is inevitable.  And with all of us coming from the same spiritual source, isn’t it incumbent upon all of us to be our best selves regardless of circumstance for the potential betterment of ourselves, others, and all life?

This is a practical entreaty for most of us in the developed parts of the world and a necessary consideration because of the power that resides in the more colonized places on earth.  However, there are many in the technologically advanced parts of the world who feel marginalized and forgotten.  They feel like they don’t have a voice for a myriad of reasons.  And for humanity’s self-preservation, all of us – regardless of socio-economical status – need to recognized and accept what each of us  fundamentally are; spiritual Beings on a human journey.  The wealthy need to respect the poor and the poor need to respect the wealthy for the future well-being of humanity.  No one is above or below anyone else.  We can’t help how civilization got to where it is now, but collectively we need to stop the casual and tolerated exploitation and denigration of others.  We can make the future more inviting for everyone by allowing all of us to feel like we have a voice and are compelled to ChoiceUp in the decisions we make.

If humanity continues on the path of making its primary priority to obtain and keep power and profit – we’re doomed as a species.  The planet is a finite resource with limited space, and people need to get along with one another for social competence.  How we engage with one another determines our destiny.  Language is fundamental in how people communicate and the simplest way to acquire the attention of another.  Regrettably, many times in the past through the growing pains of evolving, the ego has prevailed in dialogue and permeated the zeitgeist of the past.  This learned behavior has had unfortunate consequences and needs to be eradicated for a more fair and just life for all.  If we are to survive as a species, all of us need to employ a language of Love in all aspects of our lives.  Whether it’s at home, work, or play – coming from Love should be first and foremost  in how we interact with ourselves and each other for the world to be the best it can be and to create as little suffering as possible.

Just as any discipline has its specific terminology that’s used in concordance with everyday speech for communication, all humans living and yet to be born, should be taught and exposed to a lexicon of Love as the foundational framework for all future discourse regardless of topic or situation.  Good intent in use with a vocabulary based on all the various aspects of Love is a great way for everyone to recycle Love from one person to the next.  Just as all things that exist get recycled to stay balanced, humans must do the same with Love in action and speech for our continuing evolution.  Love is the life-blood of humanity and why we need to use the language of Love as often as possible so all of us can be our best whole selves in thinking and Being.