Opening the yEar

The beginning of each New Year, January 1st is humanity’s demarcation of time in days.  It’s the first day of the first designed and implemented heliocentric calendar – the Julian calendar.  And that calendar was refined for accuracy by the Gregorian calendar that most civil societies use today.  It’s the day of the year that we celebrate the Earth making one elliptical orbit around the sun.  And it’s our hope at ChoiceUp that everyone embraces the New Year with an open mind and a willingness to try and make choices that serve ourselves, each other, and the planet.

With all of us currently existing as homo sapiens meaning “wise man” in Latin and originating from the same stuff, shouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest for of us to want to make decisions that make for a just, robust, and sustainable world?  Studies show most of us try to make good choices[1], but when we fail at a decision it’s primarily from not knowing who we really are as a person and misplaced values.  The ancient Greek aphorism to “know thyself” is as valid then as it is today for use as a guide in monitoring our relationship with ourselves, others, and planet.  And it’s even needed more so to recognize our relationship with the present moment and whatever situation or circumstance we find ourselves.

The feedback loop of popular culture where media and markets vie for everyone’s attention and treasure distracts and rings too loudly in too many lives.  Anyone can find justification or affirmation for any belief no matter how divisive or misguided.  To peel away these superficial contaminations of contemporary life and break the spell of humanity’s hypnosis, all of us need to try to know who and what we are.

The exploration into self-examination is limited by our ability to assimilate the world through our senses.  Touch, where we can choose to feel or not feel things in our environment.  Sight, where we can choose to open our eyes and look at our surroundings or keep them closed.  Taste, where we can choose to open our mouths to eat or drink or keep them closed.  Smell, where we can choose to sniff the odors around us or not when we hold our breath.  The only sense that is always open and can’t be closed without plugging our ears is hearing.

We evolved hearing and its always being open to sound stimuli for survival.  In the same way, all of us need to be open to adapting and changing our beliefs for humanity’s continuing growth and evolution.  If any of us have beliefs that manifest bad intent for ourselves, others, or the planet, those beliefs aren’t in alignment with our evolution and how we got to this point in time.  Wars and the growing pains of humanity have left their scars, and healing those scars and preventing further wars can only come from being open to challenging our behavior and beliefs.  If more of us listen and absorb objectively the world around us and not just hear what we want to hear or allow the deafening throng of popular culture or media and markets to influence us in a negative way, all of us will be better equipped to make better choices.  So let’s all ChoiceUp and try to make the best decisions available to us for this yEar and yEars to come.