Parroting to Pieces

The earth is a finite sphere with limited space and resources.  And as humans are the dominant species on the planet and have the most significant impact ecologically, it’s incumbent upon all of us to make choices individually, corporately, and institutionally that preserves the balance necessary for life.  Humans aren’t an island and our influence on the environment, other species, and the planet are putting too much pressure and weight on the scale of balance that makes for life.  Life doesn’t just happen.  There are innumerable ecosystems that have to be able to function for multi-cellular life, like humans, to exist.  For example, the human body and all its various systems like digestive, pulmonary, endocrine, circulatory, etc, have to work together for a living functioning person.  The health of our internal ecosystems is predicated on the health of the environment and our external ecosystems.

Policy and profit need to stay in alignment with life and its ability to thrive.  Humans, having colonized much of the Earth and saturated the environment with its ecological footprint, need to be all the more vigilant now in how we continue to develop and evolve.  The Earth is home to all life, not just humans, and all of us regardless of power and influence need to do what we can to preserve diverse habitats and a healthy ecology.  In as much as Earth is in the Goldie Lock zone in its distance from the sun that’s not too hot or too cold for life to take hold, so to must humanity make local, state, national, and global mandates that ensure as little disruption to the natural cycles and rhythms inherent to all living systems.

But it all comes down to choices and the willingness of people from all cultures, demographics, and political affiliations to ChoiceUp for the healthiest home and Earth possible.  Sacrifices have to made now, and not postponed to future generations as environmental risks get progressively higher each year if we continue on with the status quo.  Special interest and lobbyist from industries that do the most harm need to be made accountable.  Whether it’s R&D to find ways to amend the damage or funding others to find a way to do it, monitoring and mitigating unhealthy human activity must be at the forefront of all levels of society, especially those that have contributed most to toxifying the environment.  Humans through progress are quickly polluting the planet to a point where comfortable human existence will be threatened.  Now is the time for all of us to do what we can to reverse the trend and make the environment the best it can be for all life.

Science and rampant unconsidered capitalism got us into this mess.  And at ChoiceUp we believe science can bring stability to the environment provided it’s enabled to do so.  The Earth doesn’t care who’s in office or has the most power.  It responds to all stimuli like any living system.  We can’t help how we humans evolved the way we did, but past instinctual selfishness and greed is putting too much stress on the Earth and all life.  Humans have volition, and all of us need to make choices with the understanding that we share the same planet and all its contents.  This must take precedence over any and all interests for a lasting future.

Everyone should look out for themselves and behave for self-interest, but just as important is to consider our interdependence to each other and all life.  Recognizing the consequences of our choices, especially those that have the greatest impact on all life on Earth, need to come from all of us, especially those in positions of power.  The universe made the recipe for life, not humans, and we need to follow it or suffer the repercussions.  All of us must think for ourselves and implement this tenant of sharing the world with all life in all our actions.  It’s our only home.  The planet’s purpose isn’t solely to support human endeavors.  And if we politicize the Earth and separate into tribal factions and allow greed to exploit the environment by anyone wanting to make a dime regardless of affiliation or intent, we will literally parrot ourselves to pieces.  And with the current political climate, it seems we’re well on our way.  And why all of us need to ChoiceUp in all our decisions, especially when it comes to our home the Earth.