Please Your Present

Human life is made from choices and they happen in a person’s moment.  Not “the moment” as there isn’t a fundamental collective time (or place) shared by people or particles, but take place in a person’s own particular present.  Instinctively and through sense conditioning it doesn’t seem believable, but thanks to science and Einstein’s relative spacetime, we understand better the true nature of Nature and how we fit in it.  And if a critical mass (literally) embraces and accepts what our species collectively knows to be factual about the world and how it works, the better the chance for better choices and how we relate to one another.  All of which happens in your fresh, innocent, and uncontaminated present moment.

But no one is an island, especially as the Earth gets smaller and smaller.  And everyone’s space and time are as entangled as ever, and why the need for good species-supportive decisions are more important now than in the past.  Human history is fraught with inhumane deplorable acts, but there was more space and time for those growing pains to occur in the past, and the events to be absorbed into our evolution.  The planet is finite, and we don’t have the leisure of boundless space and time for nearsighted unsustainable decisions.  From today’s vast compressed communications, everyone feels and senses the effects from too many bad, short-term, one-group-gain decisions.  There simply isn’t enough room (hence time) on the planet for ignorance and overt selfishness that divides, discriminates, and exploits.

Evil is ignorance.  However, there’s hope that the self-imposed hell we place on ourselves and each other from selfish stupid decisions is fixable.  But to mitigate it, fact-finding for everyone is imperative.  Not by using our limited senses as they don’t provide the whole story, or lazily allowing the ever-increasing saturation of disinformation to satisfy beliefs, but from consuming objective falsifiable facts.  Too many humans place too much credence in a significance that doesn’t require an adaptive utility.  Meaning too many of us want to believe our personal beliefs and are not open to facts, and in doing so create misplaced values.  Ill-natured behavior is evil and a wickedness that comes from a lack of support in comprehending and accepting what our species collectively understands to be factual about the world around us.    

So much of our time is online where beliefs are increasingly usurping facts.  Verifiable information from a few outlets use to be how the public got informed on daily events.  But now everyone has a platform for their opinion and version of the news, and too often taken as factual.  Big tech is exploiting our ignorance from disinformation by seducing us to click on anything factual or not for profit.  Internet users are like cattle being milked from gas lighting, sensationalism, and disinformation.¹ We’re now so connected, social solutions have to come from everyone and not a select few.  But the remedies have to come from seeing and accepting facts and the willingness to remove belief blinders.  Data from our clicking is an artifact of our present moment in spacetime and sadly the profiteers looking for value from data don’t have to mine very deep.

Humanity craves a different kind of us, but for positive change and to satisfy everyone’s appetite for a better more authentic species, we need the long view and vigilance with our volition.  But it takes the unifying immutability of facts to do it.  For example, water, H²O is a necessary component for human life.  And the more humanity adapts and aligns itself to its characteristics in how it functions, the better our species ability to work and flow.  Water’s holistic attributes as a molecule, and its existence since the beginning of spacetime demonstrates its lasting power and presence.  Remember chemistry class and how the most stable molecules and compounds, including water, have their atomic shells full?  This balanced and sound arrangement is no different for a person or humanity.  Everyone’s need to feel whole and of worth from having a purpose is a universal trait that is lacking in humanity and what most crave.

Water is matter, and like all matter including people, we contribute to forming spacetime and our present from entropy and the time/energy relationship.  These are esoteric, abstract, and non-intuitive concepts but factual.  They hint at the power a person possesses, but from a lack of exposure to facts and conditioning, the broad brush of belief fills the void.  Many people are “educated” but still have bad intent that usually comes from a belief, and why a pedagogy of facts is so important for ethical responsibility.  Life is very complicated, but nature shares her secrets for our species’ sustainability if we remove belief blinders and simply look at the world around as genuinely as we can.  This will lead to more authentic decisions that matter most for how our species’ evolution unfolds.  Most of the molecules in the human body are water, don’t you think we should listen to them?

Water is used to clean, and to clean up the bad stuff in humanity we look again to water.  Water is nature’s solvent for renewing things, including biological functions like homeostasis.  Water defies gravity with its surface tension allowing trees to absorb it through small hollow tubes in their trunks.  And if we stretch our minds further, water in vapor form is clear and works its way up to the atmosphere to form clouds where it falls again as rain.  Modeling the cyclical lasting attributes of water would do wonders for our species ability to function sustainably.  Humans and water are more alike than we think, and unfortunately it shows in how we get on with one another.

Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and expecting different results is insanity”.  Everyone has to consider their thinking and believing, and make choices from tangible real facts and what’s collectively known about reality, a healthy human life, and all their components to exist sustainably before any intangible unprovable beliefs.  There isn’t enough spacetime for infighting among our species as there once was.  Everyone has to be a steward of their life, the earth, and the internet, all of which happens in the power of their present and the demarcation point of their past and future.  Spacetime, matter, and energy all work and related to one another so life can exist. Everything is Saved by Zero, as The Fixx song states.  So in our personal river of spacetime where we ebb and flow, lets remove impediments of disinformation and be open to facts so we can please our present the way the world around us does.  And the best way to do it is to ChoiceUp.

¹  Joan Donovan 2020 “Truth Activism” Scientific American Volume 323 Number 5 Pages 35-38