Polarity of Provincialism

Because of entropy, change is constant in the universe.  And to defy entropy and adapt to change where our species can thrive and not simply survive, established modes for how humans operate need constant updating.  The causal influences that have manifested the current state of the world can’t be changed, but with more and more of us intertwined from technology, everyone living today is more empowered than ever before in how our species evolves.  And with limited space on the earth, the largest population ever, and technology’s vast connectivity, everyone’s involvement in how humanity shapes its future is essential.  There’s simply not enough room for parochial mindsets or an unwillingness to let go of practices that aren’t socially or environmentally sustainable.  We’re more comfortable and have more conveniences than at any other time in our species history.  And if we want to keep it that way, all of us, regardless of power, have to do our part.  And that comes from the choices we make.

Humans are complex creatures with mind-boggling differences from one person to the next.  Race, culture, or creed are the simplest and quickest way for defining, judging, or perceiving another person or group.  And there’s nothing wrong with delineating the vast differences among our species.  They should be celebrated as life is more enriching the less homogenized it is.  But entrenched values that manifest mindsets of victimhood, entitlement, and especially provincialism are unsustainable.  Humanity is as free and fair as it’s ever been, but there’s much work to be done and it takes all of us to do it.  It’s taken a while along with a lot of growing pains, but we’ve evolved beyond hierarchical and hegemonic methods for operating.  Whether it’s in governance, spirituality, or any field with a directive, autocratic limited leadership in any form isn’t sustainable.

Obviously, institutions and companies need guidance, but more than ever the planet and its inhabitants need figureheads who are willing to adapt in a balanced way for a lasting humanity.  We can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, but humans and the planet simply can’t shoulder belief blinders any further.  With the power of governments and vast political scopes, keeping the status quo for unsustainable social and environmental practices are species self-defeating.  Inherent in bicameralism are alienating beliefs towards the opposing faction, and that’s a good thing as it brings all perspectives to the table.  But what isn’t a good thing are entrenched ideologies that are flawed and impede collective freedom.  Both sides have positive and negative components.  And extraction of the former, and depletion of the later from either side is paramount for our species self-preservation.

But it’s supremely complicated as humans, the planet, and the universe that houses all of it are entangled.  No one is an authority of reality or what is in the best interest for all, but collectively and in a transparent unbiased way, we discover them together, making humanity the best it can be. The spectrum of perspectives are expansive but limited, like the thin electromagnetic bandwidth humans use to see. And all of us need to expand our minds beyond personal belief blinders and see from a view that can be seen by all. Parties are polarizing, each with their own narrow-minded provincialism.  But with open minds, we can stretch the poles to the equator where life flourishes, and where humanity can be its whole best fair-minded self.