Balancing Power

As our current state of the world has been formed by choices, it has also been formed primarily by the volition of men in power.  Throughout human history, almost all of the consequential decisions that have impacted the masses were choices made by a man or a group of men.  Having evolved from the simplest life form, it’s not surprising that males have been the most influential gender of humanity,  by initially dominating through primitive physical force and now in modern times from ego and the fear of losing control and power.

However, there have been many beneficial decisions by well-intended men, but many of their good choices have been overshadowed by ill-intended men who made decisions at the expense of others – the worst of which manifested in the shedding of blood.  The lion’s share of those that have been negatively affected from men dominated decision making are women and men at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum.

Be that it may, the reason the ChoiceUp maxim is if a decision serves you, others and the planet begins with you, is that everything emerges from within each of us.  It’s similar to the instructions on an airplane where it’s taught to place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then others.  All of us need to be our best selves first and foremost, so we’re most equipped to make the best choices possible when assimilating our lives.  Whether it’s adapting to change and how one relates to their world, or the fulfillment of a desire like preserving fiscal security, each of us should do what we need to do to be our best.  But not at the detriment of others or the planet.  The primary precept for life is balance, and to stay aloft as a species, humanity must embrace and give more power to its feminine side.  Or at the least discern and mitigate the caustic effects from malicious masculinity that has been running rampant and suffocating humanity.

Language has also been skewed by men during its development.  Words like soft, submissive, and servile are used to describe femininity.  Women, having the capacity to become mothers are generally genetically predisposed to be more nurturing and caring, but that shouldn’t imply weakness or that women are less than men in any way.  Obviously, men and women have different characteristics, but using labels that diminish the other gender is completely unacceptable on the ChoiceUp platform.

Everyone possesses all the physical, psychological, and emotional attributes that humans can possess – just to different degrees.  And why all of us should be open to another’s perspective.  But that doesn’t mean we have to accept their views.  Just the willingness to be open will do wonders for healing most of the strife and unnecessary human-influenced suffering in the world.  Again, broadly speaking, the ego is more prominent in males than females, and the primary characteristic of ego is selfishness and close-mindedness.  All of us must embrace the different aspects that make us human Beings for humanity’s continuing evolution and existence.

This does not mean we should not sometimes be aggressive in our behavior or that we always respond in a politically correct way.  Birth is a very aggressive act, just ask any mother.  Aggression, competition, confrontation – disputes of all kind are inherent to living and why combative and argumentative conduct is healthy when done in a respectful way.  It’s why sport is so popular and political systems tumultuous in their ebb and flow.

The more humanity grows and evolves, the more the gender pendulum slowly swings to a more stable position.  In doing so, we remove many of the debilitating trappings like bigotry and misogyny, and become a more pluralistic and tolerant society.  Making decisions that discharged disgraceful practices will help humanity proceed towards an equanimity of power where life’s generating counterparts can exist in a healthy, balanced, and sustainable world.