Processing Life

A prerequisite for all life is the flow of energy from input to output that establishes homeostasis.  The regulation of biological functions must be balanced for life to exist.  If humanity gets out of balance with how Nature regulates itself for life to live, we’re compromising our species future.

The use of the yin/yang symbol in the ChoiceUp icon is to remind each of us that all facets of life requires balance for its existence.  The Noble Laureate Niels Bohr included the yin/yang symbol in his coat of arms recognizing that not only life, but the Universe as a whole sustains itself through balance, symmetry, and complimentary functions.

Many of us understand the importance of balance in all parts of our lives.  The stability of our psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being is rooted in balance.  However, living life is not about playing it safe (see Disclaimer), it’s about recognizing that balance is required, inherent, and essential for all life.  All of us need to be flexible and let the gravity of balance ground us when necessary so we’re more rooted and better equipped to adapt to life’s processes.

Unfortunately, there are too many of us in humanity that don’t apply Nature’s law of balance for life in our daily lives.  There is a myriad of reasons why many don’t understand or choose not to adopt balance in their lives.  Usually it’s from a lack of a supportive and nurturing environment that inhibits recognition of the importance of balance for life.  Ignorance, greed, arrogance, apathy, and all destructive beliefs emerge from a lack of balance in people’s lives.  Too many of us are out of touch and alignment with balance – and why so many of us create unnecessary suffering in our lives that inflicts pain not just on ourselves, but also on each other.

One of the most glaring manifestations of not recognizing the importance of balance for processing life is the unconsidered litter that pervades the environment.  We see it on the side of our roads, in our waters, and in our air.  But we can’t clean up our physical environment until the mental and emotional garbage from societal dysfunction gets purged.  And the only way for positive social change is choices.  We can’t change the past and what got us to this point in our evolution as a species, but we can change how we proceed into the future.  Everyone – all of us must ChoiceUp and come from the law of balance in all aspects of our lives to process life in a just, healthy, and sustainable way.