Rainbow of the Universe

Is it a shame or blessing that the world has been put on pause to combat a hidden pathogen?  Some say it’s a good thing for it has provided a respite for the Earth to catch its breath.  Others say it’s a blessing because it has given the gift of gratitude, the chance to recognize all the things taken for granted pre COVID-19 (PC).  All the while others feel isolated, sequestered, and missing human contact.  Then there are those frustrated with having to be quarantined with others, where the shadows from distracted living are being forced into the light, finding that a shared relationship isn’t as connected as believed.  Lastly and whatever our socioeconomic status, global market volatility is affecting everyone.  This pandemic has placed all of us to some degree on tenterhooks, and the best way to free ourselves, and get through it in the best way possible, is to be the love and light all of us are.

If you just caught your breath from a dismissive sigh, please proceed.

Our bodies are our connection to this universe and they need support to exist.  These fleshy temples are predisposed to form physically, mentally, and emotionally from environmental conditions.  And that’s a good thing, as it’s a way for them to connect and form.  But what’s not a good thing, are those who have been conditioned PC to exploit cultural divides that have manifested a ridiculous amount of unnecessary suffering from friction between in and out-groups.  It’s taken a threatening unseen mutated random virus for humanity to acknowledge the reality that we’re all the same irrespective of culture, race, or creed.  It was true PC and now, but PC’s divisive cultural identities, social distractions, and disposable greed bred complacency, placing a veil over our shared humanity.  We’ve always been in this together as there is no separate self, and we need to support each other accordingly.

But support isn’t enabling.  We don’t know why the universe is constituted with particular particles and forces for its structure, but they won-out and started engaging to make stuff.  We’re a product of this participatory process of the universe, where life appeared from the engagement and work of particles.  These disparate inanimate physical objects found a way to coalesce to make life.  They did so through a working relational balance, sustained by resources from their environment.  Humanity, regardless of how advanced we become, will always be are a part of the universe, nature, and life.  And to function sustainably, everyone able has to participate, contribute, and engage (preferably in the healthiest environment possible) for the longest tenure possible for our species.  But people aren’t autonomic like particles.  They have volition, and it needs to be used responsibly from principles that support our species.  Principles that extract ignorance from the mind-meld that is our increasingly connected global brain.

Physical adaptation has been the primary force in our species evolution.  But looking back PC, we see that it’s our hearts (or lack thereof), minds, and their intent that have shaped the world.  Intent, far beyond anything material, is the DNA for how our species evolves.  Many know this, but for those who don’t, it’s our hope the pandemic has given them perspective as to how misguided and ill-conceived some values used to be.  It’s also our hope that this virus strips away harmful, unproductive, and non-species-supported beliefs that have manifested unnecessary resistance and pain in our species.  The universe, nature, and life function in an adaptive concomitant way.  And with humanity springing from them, need to do the same to sustainably exist.  The universe, nature, and life don’t have belief blinders that impede how they adapt and operate.  Humans are alive and part of life, but it’s the mind of man that make beliefs that in-turn form intent. Believe whatever, as long as those beliefs don’t burnish bad intent. 

Through science, we know that physical phenomena are just that, a phenomenon.  Early philosophers and scientists through language have labeled things perceived by our senses as material or physical.  But today’s scientists understand that the universe is made of what they describe as an event of spacetime made from the probable outcome of the wavefunction in Schrödinger equation.  This is what we know the stuff of the universe to be, including us, gleaned from the brightest minds.  Scientists are now trying to come up with a relativistic model for the quantum and unite it with gravity, but no such luck, yet.  We have discovered a lot about the universe, taking great strides applying that knowledge to make life more comfortable and connected.  But our manipulations of material for the level of today’s technology isn’t commensurate with our collective mind and intent. Intent is unimaginably more powerful and influential than anything we can sense physical or otherwise, and why everyone’s engagement and responsible use of their volition is required for the best world possible.

As the world gets smaller and more connected, the more important it is for an authentic collective understanding of the world. Science has provided the most comprehensive genuine understanding of the universe, nature, and life. Science attenuates apocryphal man-made beliefs that are harmful and divide.  We have always been in this together as no one requested to be born. And since we’re all in it together possessing bodies threatened by a virus, it’s an unprecedented opportunity for us to flatten the curve of ignorance through science and dispel bad beliefs. If all of us are in this together, who’s in the out-group?  Each of us is a cell in the global body with our intent more real, powerful, and lasting than our transient corporeal bodies.  So let’s lessen, through science, the virility of ignorance and accept facts before beliefs so our cells don’t contaminate the global body.

A virus can’t survive by itself.  It needs a host to survive, and so does a good or bad intent.  The economy will recover and the normalcy of distracted living will slowly return.  But it’s our hope at ChoiceUp that this pandemic has brought a realization of how vulnerable and alike we are.  Forevermore, we need to work together like the particles that make up our bodies so there are no out-groups. We need to condemn bad behavior that exploited in and out-groups that existed PC, and the antithetical motives that inhibited our species’ wellbeing.  Humanity is part of the stuff that forms the cosmos and the rainbow of the universe.  We came from mechanized particles, processes and conditions. But now we have volition and our intent has become the most powerful influence on our evolution. Somehow the universe got its ducks in a row for us to be here, and it’s time humanity does the same.  And that can only happen if all of us see, embrace, and accept the frequency of our conditioned lives that divide.  Then we have hope and the chance to adapt, elevate, and transcend them. Freeing ourselves from stale and depleting conditioning so we can be our best selves, regardless of circumstance for ourselves, others, and the planet. And be in it together as the one love and light we all are.