Simplifying to One

With each of us in humanity Being a part of this Universe, we advocate and encourage everyone to simplify their lives for the betterment of themselves, others, and the planet.  It is no accident the etymology of the word Universe is – combined into One.  From our senses and relative perspective, the Universe is an unfathomably big place where all matter seen and unseen emerged from a singularity named the Big Bang.  It’s truly astounding that life formed from matter made of seemingly inanimate atoms and molecules.   Whatever spark or chemical reaction that started the synthesizing for single-celled organisms, it’s clear that life’s initial forms were simple and evolved into the myriad of complex life-forms now inhabiting the planet.

Likewise, the vast array of technologies that pervade our daily lives is dependent on a binary code system built on simple ones and zeros.  The basic precepts of input and output, something and nothing, cause and effect are all rooted in all processes – especially the homeostasis for life.  At ChoiceUp, we find it necessary for everyone in humanity to recognize the power of simplicity for humanity’s self-preservation and social competence.  If everyone manifests a simple basic mindset of gratitude towards the three primary aspects that make us human – mind, body, and Spirit – and not be a victim of anything (where freedom reigns), we give humanity hope for a lasting evolution.

Every glance, smell, taste, sound, touch, breath, thought and feeling that happens in the One moment should be assimilated into our Being with notice when possible.  When we start taking the simple everyday ordinary experiences for granted, we weigh down, agitate, and get out of alignment with the operational essence of what it is to be human and alive.  Humanity needs to get back to the basics of appreciating the ordinary if we want to mitigate the negative effects of the rampant social sensationalism that has enticed so many.  Nature seeded and provides the guiding Light for navigating our individual and collective shadows that lead us astray, distracting us from our Core and the feeling of Being part of everything.  If the basic necessities for life are met, we should all make the effort to make choices that simplify our lives so all of us can feel, see, and Be what we fundamentally are – One.