Everything produces fields animate or not, and human thought is no different.  When a neuron fires a signal through a synapse to other neurons in the brain to form a thought, an electromagnetic field is created.  This field emerges from the interactions of the electromagnetic force and extends indefinitely throughout spacetime.  The Strong, Weak, Electromagnetic, and Gravity are the four forces of nature and each have force carriers that establish their particular field, and for the electromagnetic field it’s photons, also known as light. 

It’s ironic that the human brain has evolved into the most complicated enigmatic thing science can scrutinize apart from the universe itself.  The phenomena of its functioning continue to baffle neuroscientist and others in related fields.  The insights from the people and their brains from the past like Einstein’s have provided the understanding of nature’s workings for the development of technology that our species employs today.  Humanity is more comfortable, connected, and entertained than it has ever been, yet there’s a void of fulfillment, freedom, and gratitude in too many lives. 

The brain consists of two hemispheres that work together to manifest consciousness.  Neuroscientists don’t have a complete grasp as to what either side brings to the table, but it’s as if one hemisphere contains automatic reactive responses to stimuli and the other a capacity for memory, reason, and imagination.  Every sentient person in the human race have these capabilities, but negotiating how to utilize them in a thriving and sustainable way isn’t easy, especially with the rapid advent and perennial use of technology.

Humanity seems as lost and neglected as it’s ever been, even though we’re capable of mapping every point in the visible universe and provided just about any desired convenience.  Human experiential existence has become unbalanced from living too close to the surface of life and having an excessive admiration of the material and technology.  Our interior habitat where mental and emotional stability happens is being deprived of the resources necessary for supportive behavior and relationships.  Our species will always be a part of nature irrespective of our technical advancements, and we need to operate within Her doctrine and law, and not ones developed by man for finding our way and how we get along with one another. 

The Earth is in the Goldilocks zone, positioned in a life-proliferating, balanced place of not too hot or cold in the Solar System.  The Earth and everything in the universe including humans are made of matter, and that matter exists from a balance in their atomic and molecular relationships.  And for humanity’s self-preservation, we need to relate to each other in the same way.  All of us need to find balance in our interior and exterior worlds for as many of us to be as whole as possible.  Our fractured world out-there is a reflection of all the tribulations going on inside that make people forget their true nature and essence that is a part of everything, making them feel astray and disconnected.     

Nature rules and we never know what She has in store for us, but shouldn’t we use our gifts and intellect given by Her to prevent suffering towards one another and our home planet?  No one person or institution possesses the path for human sustainability.  It has to be a concerted effort by all, as humans are just as entangled as nature Herself having been formed from forces and particles.  Autonomic response and instinct started our species’ evolution and worked to get our species to evolve to a point, but from there the volition of choices has led us where we are today, and for a sustainable existence, all of us need to contribute and live in the most holistic, conscientious way possible that are free of exploitation, victimhood, and entitlement.

Grace, virtue, empathy, altruism and the like are behavioral qualities necessary for survival and our species salvation. They don’t exist for some future reward or place in paradise except the reciprocity in action and behavior.  These attributes and their counterparts like anger and envy, all exist and are experienced in consciousness.  Consciousness is similar to a superconductor that doesn’t experience any resistance.  It’s everywhere and everything.  An analogy is when listening to a radio. The person you hear isn’t in the radio, the signal is transmitted. Similarly, events are transmitted through the brain and nervous system to form conscious experience. Consciousness vivifies all living and nonliving things, and everyone needs to be made aware of its power and how to use it responsibly for creating less human-influenced suffering.  And the more of us who enlighten our consciousness by embracing its available light, that is the support and balance of love that are inherent for growth and stability, the greater the force of hope for a lasting human race.