Surrender the Silos

People are predisposed to conditioning.  And with fringed and unfettered egos having more and more influence, the necessity for facts and their immersion into everyone’s life is more important than ever.  Humanity’s world is made from choices, and decisions swayed by disinformation is detrimental not just to humanity, but life in general.  Everyone’s openness for assimilating factual information into their behavior and decision-making is imperative for the least amount of conflict and suffering.  Truths are provisional from one person to the next but facts are immutable, and why the access and integration of them need to be embraced for authentic conditioning, sanity, and species sustainability.

Humanity is young from an evolutionary perspective and evident from our behavior and divisiveness.  The allure and retention of power supersede and obfuscate facts.  We’re too eager to fight and persuade others to follow misguided values based on disinformation.  And why media is becoming more editorial than factual wherever it’s found.  Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would bring balance to lopsided news and do wonders to lessen our fractured humanity.  But like a toddler unwilling to share a toy, media will only deploy what they want people to digest and not give the whole story.  Propaganda exploits conditioning and keeps heads in the sand.  Sadly, biased news has become an everyday run-of-the-mill practice, and why an openness to various sources is essential for finding facts for a more mature mankind.

Plants aren’t mobile and why they disseminate seed in various ways to find the most favorable conditions for their progeny.  And with humans occupying and leaving their chaff on every corner of the globe, people have no place to go but up for finding more favorable conditions.  Technology will eventually allow humans to physically inhabit space, but it’s going to be a while.  So in the meantime, everyone on terra firma needs to make decisions based on facts and not beliefs for the best world possible and future generations.  Unbridled greed, ignorance, and exploitations need to be bundled up, shredded, and composted for better outcomes to sprout.  But it takes everyone to winnow away their belief biases and replacing them with facts for improved results.  Humanity grows the way the wind blows and why we need more rubbernecking and tolerance to opposing views for unearthing facts.  In a Uni-verse with a precious planet that has life; people and plants aren’t that different, but the former can’t exist without the time-proven example and nurturing of the latter. 

Real physical facts are the light required to combat belief blinders that limit ideological bandwidths and manifest divisiveness.  Life is a physical process and the ecosystem of humanity needs to operate within its guidelines for sustainability.  With everything a physical process, including the thinking and believing that form behaviors, sowing of facts will yield higher, more competent unbiased decisions.  Einstein’s E=MC² states that matter and energy are interchangeable and light (C) is in both, and it provides power for both.  Light is reality, how facts are found, and the real power for guidance.  And if we continue to let the shadows of ego and special interest dominate how our species works, the light of life and reality will exist without humans.

It’s amazing what our species can do and what we understand about physical processes like how flowers bloom, but we can do better by being open to discovering more.  But with all we know, the uncertainty and mysteriousness of Nature hasn’t been revealed or pinned down and probably won’t be any time soon, if ever.  Unsurprisingly from the youth of humanity, a large portion attributes the unknown to a deity and an orthodoxy that accompanies it.  The rest are atheist, antitheist, or agnostic with their own set of pronouncements.  Having no beliefs is a belief.  We can’t escape them.  But whatever end of the spectrum of beliefs or politics, suffering is known by all.  And in this nuanced, entangled, and complicated Universe, the light of facts need to be available and embraced by all for less suffering and the preservation of our species.  So let’s all surrender our silos and plant the seeds of ChoiceUp in the decisions we make for cultivating the best conditions for humanity to grow.