Tenable Tribalism

We exist in a binary universe where opposites attract, define, and complement to form a whole.  In computing, configured coding from combinations of open and closed gates make a complete application.  Opposing fields and particles constitute for mutually-benefiting relationships that construct intact tactile matter.  Furthermore, man, no matter how big its individual or collective ego, needs to operate by natural law of authentic complimentary for our species self-preservation.  Different perspectives and identities from entangled information received by all of us enriches experience, but also complicates it.  We’re clever creatures, and unfortunately, too many of us conduct ourselves in an unbalanced and uncomplimentary way. Bad actors who exploit and manipulate others and the earth is simply unsustainable. They are making humanity inhospitable to itself from excessive greed, control, and ease of accessibility to disseminate disinformation in an exceedingly connected world.

The exchange of data and information are built-in the universe for its formation and structure.  Counterparts attract to make whole things, including all life and humans.  For example, water molecules made from the elements of hydrogen and oxygen connect through polarity bonding to make a stream, lake, or ocean.  Similarly, all of us have a different identity and perspective from life experiences, and our different interests seek to connect and belong to groups we most identify with – and there is nothing inherently bad about that, it is in our DNA.  But what is bad is the polarization and blind adoption of behavior and practices that divide and fracture our species pitting one group against another at any cost.  News outlets use to be impartial, but now that everyone has a megaphone and an echo chamber to reverberate their position on various platforms to keep or acquiring more power, biased and untrue misleading information are used as a commodity contaminating humanity and social functioning.

Social change sometimes changes for the right reasons, but recently from technology and social media, too many amplified loud voices of victimhood and entitlement drown out reason and reality, and the root causes of social dysfunction. The web has become a room where people shout, and the most deafening viewpoint that makes it above the cacophony gets noticed. Many times it’s bots and algorithms doing the shouting and why discernment of information and their emotional trappings need constant vigilance. If more of us pause and research the information that angers or excites us, we can start to remove or make less effective some of the information that pollutes our Web. Devices and platforms connect, but human relationships are more nuanced than sharing, liking, or disliking. We can change how we perturb, engage, and influence the world for more mutually-benefiting relationships that can endure, and where there is less need to shout. And why it is vital for everyone to be open to empirical evidenced-based facts.  Not spurious man-made ones, but to accept real irrefutable data-driven facts that leave no room for objection and are falsifiable.

Sublimating humanity and transcending toxic tribalism takes everyone’s participation.  Making the effort to be authentically informed is a responsibility and necessary task for everyone. Everyone needs to reevaluate and question their identity and emotional states to see if they are being hijacked by the social feedback loop that reinforces a fabricated bias. But to achieve these lofty goals, everyone has to be free to make up their mind from unbiased and undistilled original information.  No government (especially an authoritarian one), institution, or person can solve humanity’s divisiveness or problems.  It takes every person in the global body to support and contribute through honest discourse, and in a lawful way, to our species’ shared principles of humanism, and what tethers us, for bringing sustainable balance to humanity. 

Technology is making the world more accessible, connected, and smaller, and all of us need to utilize it in a mutually-benefiting way.  Misleading and untrue information from malignant intent and ego-centric mindsets need to be recognized for what they are.  The best armor against such threats is literacy, love, and a liberal (nothing to do with party affiliation) education.  Identity is provisional with the accumulation of experience and information. And our relationship with ourselves, others, organizations, party, or country is overwhelmingly influenced by those three factors. Literacy, love, and learning facts are needed more than ever in our perennially-influenced techno-world, and why they must be supported in the most robust and vigorous ways possible. 

Humans are imbued with volition and choice, but to use them wisely and responsibly, everyone needs to winnow away beliefs and behavior that are based on disinformation.  It’s all very complicated and muddled as there are distorted views of the past, and current platforms, memes, etc, have hints of truthful information that are everywhere but mislead. And why it is of the utmost importance for all of us to accept apodictic and veridical information that is beyond dispute, regardless of its source, so all of us can be as whole and genuine as possible. Whole people make for a complimentary and holistic humanity where opposing views are respected, considered, and tolerated. The global room is getting smaller and more polarized, and everyone needs to be accountable for themselves, their viewpoints, and what they click on. How else do we build balanced and authentic mutually-benefiting relationships that allow for tenable tribalism where different perspectives can exist in a lasting way?