The Extraordinary Ordinary

Much of the malaise in humanity is a lack of awareness from ego-centric perspectives and loss of innocence. A traditional education is necessary for the acquisition of information and knowledge, but with the breakdown of families, social media, and misguided values from victimhood and entitlement, too many of us are depleted in an intelligence that provides authentic empowerment capable of recognizing ego’s unproductive desires. Factual learning needs the support of emotional guidance to be a well-rounded person. Many have access to all kinds of information through technology, but unchecked use of knowledge without emotional intelligence is dangerous and divisive.

A universe is a big place with many moving parts, but we are so mired in image and social acceptance that we’re losing our ability to find our place in the world. If all of us don’t have some semblance as to who, what, why, or where we are in the world and how we fit in it, how can we have honest discourse with one another and heal humanity’s wounds? The ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is a necessary perennial maxim for authentic empowerment and is being lost. Today it’s “fit in” and conform to the latest, most sensational memes and practices, or risk being perceived as weird or an outcast. It’s a natural social desire to want to be accepted, but when it’s done at the expense of an individual and their values, empowerment gets depleted.

All life grows and for humans, it’s no different. We need to let go of the old and make room for the new as we acquire more life, information, and facts. When done authentically and without bias, we find everyone must “fit in” as we’re all in this together and fundamentally one. But the seven deadly sins that divide, and get rationalized and accepted as just modes of operation need to go the way of the dinosaurs – or we’ll experience the same fate. To mitigate the infestation of bad ego-centric choices that keep the world from being the best it can be or at least sustainable, all of us need to be authentically empowered and as equipped as possible to make supportive balanced choices for ourselves, each other, and the planet. Emancipation from human-influenced suffering that plagues all cultures is found in empowering everyone. Misguided values that don’t align with the relational aspects for existence, physical matter, and sustainable life gets diminished by everyone knowing themselves.

But fundamentally there is no separate-self. Sages, and those most enlightened from the past have found this to be true. And amazingly, through science and humanity’s investigation of Nature, it appears that ordinary physical reality and everything in the universe started from a singularity. Inherent in this singularity is the complimentary relational aspects for physical reality. Without going into the nuts and bolts of the probabilistic nature of physical reality, complimentary of all kinds like particle and wave, is a primary component of the universe, and the reason for the Tao yin/yang in the ChoiceUp logo. Physicists don’t agree on the phenomenal aspects of how physical reality came into existence or how it emerges in any moment, but without complimentary we don’t have space-time, matter, energy, or life. And the more of us who accept that we are all One, and one’s well-being affects another’s well-being as a precept for our behavior, the better the chance for alleviating as much human-influenced suffering as possible.

The unnoticed and unrestrained ego that has eaten away the innocence of humanity must be dispelled by the complimentary aspects of light that allows for us to see and bring awareness to ourselves, others, and the planet. Everything, including all of us are entangled and can’t escape it. Humans must work together by the laws of nature and not the egos of man. And why it’s so important for all of us to know who we are and how we fit in the world. None of us chose to be alive, but we are all here on this planet now and need to operate in a complimentary way for social competency and our species self-preservation. Our essence is everyone’s essence, and that inner silent voice from the brain and beyond is the most real and tangible part of existence. The relational aspects that mediate all the various parts that make physical reality need to be employed by all of us for a lasting humanity. Diversity is good as it makes life more enriching, but division is not as it takes away from the Oneness that makes the ordinary extraordinary.