The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect is a term used in various subjects and disciplines when describing cognitive biases.  It’s used in psychology, politics, religion, marketing, and many other fields that describe the adopted distorted unconscious influence of perception from some stimuli or experience.  The Halo Effect creates impressions that can be illusory and spurious to a neutral objective reality.  This neutral objective reality is Love.

It’s difficult for many (especially men) to seriously consider Love as a credible tangible word or notion of use when authenticating a neutral objective reality.  But when each of us examines where we are in our lives, it’s Love that has always been the discerning lever to our well-being provided the basic necessities of life have been met.  Recognition, acceptance, and implementation of this fact by everyone is a must for social competence, humanity’s self-preservation and continuing evolution.

Love is the Oneness we’re all a part of and what exists beyond physical survival.  Victim-hood, envy, and hatred arise from the absence of Love in people’s lives.  Life can be unfair and there are many victims in the world from abusive power, the rampant ramifications of greed, and again just living.  And we should do all we can to heal and mitigate such unfortunate pain-infused incidences, but if we perceive ourselves as a casualty of circumstance in any way, we’ve lost our connection to the Core.  No one is exempt from suffering – it’s inherent in living, and why we need to make choices that create as little human-influenced suffering as possible.

Most negative intended choices and actions arise out of not feeling or Being connected to everything – provided the basic necessities of life have been met.  The more of us who recognize that there is no separate self and everything is connected, the more well-off everyone and the planet will be.  But in this super complicated and entangled world, all of us must first be as whole as we can with ourselves before we can participate in a genuine way with life or each other.  The unremitting slipshod from the debilitating asunder of The Halo Effect is decimating humanity’s capacity to endure.  For all humans to thrive and humanity to fly to heights of sustainability, ignorance from unexamined conceived biases must be dispelled and replaced with the awareness as to why we exist –to live and Love.