The Necessity for ChoiceUp

It seems everyone agrees that the most recent presidential election in America was unusual and the political discourse laden with scathing contentiousness.  You could feel the partisanship slicing through the fabric of the country.  Now the election is over and we have primarily two choices in what kind of country we want to be.  We can stay closed, entrenched in our political views and remain a divided country, or we can challenge ourselves to be open and try to recognize why we align ourselves with one belief over another.  If all of us give this exercise an honest attempt, we come to the conclusion that our beliefs are attachments from a learned perspective.  Are these adopted beliefs worth the percolating inhumanity that seems to pervade the country?

Anyone reading this article is alive and living their life.  There are physical conditions that must be met for life to exist.  The basic building blocks for life are cells.  Humans possess over ten trillion cells that coordinate with each other to provide a self-regulating system that is our bodies.  If these cells don’t communicate, nor dare I say get along properly, then the body breaks down and dies.  In the same way, as humans are the dominant species on the planet, we must learn to get along with one another or we’ll succumb to the same fate.  There is a recipe for life and humanity must adhere to that recipe if we are to survive – and possibly thrive, but for that we need a just and healthy planet to live on.

Life and the Universe itself from where all life emerges are supremely complicated and entangled.  Cells are made of many things, but the fundamental constituents are molecules which are made up of atoms.  Atoms make up everything – all physical matter.  And when atoms are examined for their essential components, we find a haze of indeterminacy that is for all intents and purposes – emptiness.  Atoms comprise only 4% of the Universe and the rest is made of what scientists call dark energy and matter because they don’t know what they are.

With so much uncertainty as to what reality is, shouldn’t everyone make the attempt to try and see the world through someone else’s eyes and not rely solely on their programming from experiences?  It is incumbent upon everyone to find the capacity to be open to another’s perspective and belief for humanity’s continuing evolution.  Considering an alternative view is not agreeing with it.  People should be able to disagree on everything and still be respectful towards one another.

For a newfangled meme like this to take hold, we must let go of discerning the world through stark terms like right and wrong.  Life works in too intricate and connected ways for absolutes to reign.  Assimilating the world in a pluralistic manner and making choices that create less unnecessary suffering will make the world the best it can be and salvation for the planet.