The Specter of Conjecture

Shared information applications through the internet and social media is entangling humanity at an ever-increasing rate.  This has given everyone with a device a voice and has opened a floodgate of opinions.  This is a good thing as many topics, issues, or occurrences wouldn’t see the light of day without these modes of communication.  It’s part of humanity’s evolution, and freely used makes for a just and sustainable world.  However, we’re in the nascent stages of this technology and why there’s so much divisiveness.

Our species is young and too many of us behave and project like reactionary spoiled and undisciplined children.  Many of us would not say in person many of the things we say online where we can be anonymous or know we’re sequestered by space, distance, and time.  Responsible and authentic use of the internet and all global communication systems is required for social competence and humanity’s continuing evolution.  And now that everyone has a rattle to shake, we are shaking the foundations of long accepted bad behavior and unfair practices.  However, in the process of purging unethical choices and actions, too many of us share views that are either absolute and tyrannical, or come from a place of vapid victimhood.  Both ways of expression are inauthentic, unempowering, unbalanced, and not in alignment with nature and how life proliferates.

There are many victims in the world and all of us should do all we can to prevent any further human-influenced suffering by any lawful actionable means necessary, but once we come from a place of victimhood, we’re giving our power away.  All of us can find something to criticize or complain about as life can be unfair and difficult in a myriad of ways.  But once we think of ourselves, or express ourselves as victims of anything, we deplete and negate ourselves and others the potential for the best possible outcome from any situation or dialogue.  Victimhood is a shadow of many that diminish authentic and productive expression and blocks the light of truth and love.

Likewise, and just as unfortunate are those who have the mindset that they’re going to conquer the universe at any cost.  Many with this goal seek positions of leadership and power, and project viewpoints that they’re right, have all the answers, and any other opinion isn’t valid.  Sadly, such maniacal and egotistical thinking and behavior has laden the backdrop of history with all too much pain and suffering and has been too much of an influence in developing civilization.  Such learned behavior isn’t easily dismissed, but through love, education, and authentic empowerment, we begin to challenge these deficient ideas and beliefs.

Hmmm, beliefs.  We all have them, but do we challenge how we got them or where they came from?  Tainted tribal lenses developed from experience and environmental exposure are distorting and decimating our humanity.  Cultural confirmation bias supported by a circular feedback loop of like-minded validation is getting in the way of facts, plurality, and a peaceful humanity.  And the more of us who accept what we know to be true collectively as a species, the better off all of us will be.

The greatest truth a person can know is love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Can this be scientifically quantified?  No or at least not yet as we can’t currently go beyond spacetime, but anyone reading this cannot discount the power or lack thereof of love in their life.  We can’t confirm this statement through the scientific method, but we do have the next best utility available to us and that’s reason.  Humans didn’t make love the most powerful force in the universe, nature did, and we must adhere to her ways in our personal and public lives for the most prosperous path forward for our species.

And to make that path as long as possible, all of us must become more aware of our belief biases that go against love.  Because we are so young in mixing cultures and beliefs, we default to primitive interests mired in ignorance and greed.  Like children craving immediate gratification, money with its power and influence is the greatest threat to love and humanity’s self-preservation.  As stated in previous posts, money is not bad as it’s simply a currency tool, but all the tribal exploits of gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, institution, corporation, or socio-economical status of keeping the status quo is dividing and fracturing the essence of what we are individually and collectively.  Love must trump money and everything else we value for social competence, cultural refinement, and for the best world possible for all.

The more of us who contemplate, reflect, and reconsider our speculations, contentions, and beliefs that go against love and all it represents, the more hope and growth we give ourselves and humanity.  But it takes ego-free innocence and openness from all of us to do this.  Examining our beliefs and going beyond our conditioned selves for the light of truth and what we collectively know through science and reason is necessary for a sustainable people and planet.  All divisive cultural and tribal mythological thinking and beliefs need to be addressed and let go of no matter how entrenched or high a paroxysm it may evoke.

Because we share so much information, global homogenization of cultures and urban isotropic civic development will continue to become the norm.  Spurious and deceptive content and information disseminated by individuals, media, or nation states that are made to protect their power and hegemony, need to be seen and acted upon for what they are and not blithely accepted.  Of course, all of us should be allowed to make fearful and false statements, but the more of use who can see between the lines and not buy into opaque threatening or misleading information, the less effective such selfish self-interests will be.

Everyone is able to read this because of electromagnetic radiation.  And unlike us, our bodies, and everything around us, light isn’t in space-time as it isn’t made of matter and doesn’t have mass, we just sense its effects in space-time through its electromagnetic vapor trail.  Hindsight is 20/20 and the shadows of our evolution in retrospect are easily seen.  To remedy the past’s calamity, and for humanity’s survival and possible thriving, all of us must use light in an honest and authentic way, and not give into the gravity of darkness that weighs ourselves and each other down.  The more of us who do this will find, share, and express more love in their life and dispel the specter of conjecture.