Theatre of Perception

Humanity’s investigations of the Universe as to what it is and how it works, has culminated in a divisive standstill and what scientists call the Hard or Easy Problem dependent on how the data is understood.  It’s analogues to the Many Worlds or Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.  Whichever side of the ledger one accepts; either the mechanistic or teleological view (or a combination of the two), it will always employ the theatre of perception for whatever conclusions made.

At ChoiceUp, we accept whatever humanity finds to be true.  But with life super complicated and entangled, and no definitive answers on whether free will or determinism reigns supreme, everyone in humanity must make pragmatic choices that support themselves, others, and the planet.  And with the decision-making process happening in many different states of perception due to environmental, cultural, or archetypal influences – education in the power of choices must be a priority for humanity and its self-preservation.

Discipline is required for academic study, but it should be accompanied by the nurturing aspects of what makes us human.  Everyone should be provided an education that encourages the elevation of everyone.  Because humans respond logically and viscerally, a more holistic approach to teaching will provide the skill-sets needed for making good choices.  A more  comprehensive education will equip future generations with the tools necessary for a more compassionate well-rounded approach to humanity’s challenges.

When more people become more aware of the power in all choices, we give humanity more hope for its continuing evolution.  All human-influenced suffering that creates helplessness, sadness, and attitudes of victim-hood, can only be mitigated with Love and the Golden Rule.  If we want more people to be happy, empowered, and make better choices in their lives; we need to be the example in our own lives.  In doing so, the greater the possibility for a more socially competent and sustainable functioning humanity.  And more importantly – the uplifting of the theatre of perception in all of us.