Valley of Values

Our species has become a supraorganism occupying every corner of the globe with information and disinformation easily transferred.  Assimilation of authentic, unbiased, and objective data that’s available to all is necessary for social competency.  But for that to happen, our species has to ascend beyond the fray of man’s ego.  Humanity has become so wild, unwieldy, and divisive towards one another from ignorance, ego, and greed.  Too many of us are too easily mislead into forming unfounded belief blinders that divide and create myopic views.  From an impersonal technology and application, those misguided views are reaffirmed by others or a perceived authority that justifies and confirms our biases.  Too many of us seek affirmation, not information.

Ignorance and greed from an unconsidered ego have usurped our capacity for humanism and prosocial acts.  Tolerating bad behavior for the preservation of power is pitting one against another and depriving freedoms on either side of the political fence.  People have always been abused and used as pons for the game of gaining or retaining power and influence, but we’ve run out of space and ego-room for personal freedoms to reign – and suffering isn’t a game.  This finite sphere our species occupies and dominates isn’t getting any bigger, and we need to learn to get along with one another for species sustainability.  Whether you’re a secular humanist or religious fundamentalist, you are a part of humanity.  It’s incumbent upon all to be responsible stewards to ourselves, others, and the planet.  It’s not about altruism or saintliness as everyone possesses all the good and bad in them, but species supportive decisions that best sustain oneself, others, and the planet.  The world has become too small for overt selfishness and stupidity.

The tentacles of technology and the dissemination of instant information and disinformation is overwhelming our ability to cope with ourselves, others, and the planet.  The long and deep wide breadth of our species tactile evolution has been replaced by an indifferent and immediate mind-meld causing social fatigue.  Finding significance and support for our beliefs doesn’t require an adaptive utility, meaning closed-mindedness is keeping us from being open to other views for species adaptation and survival.  To rectify social structural detriments, there needs to be more tolerance for opposing views and positions.  Entrenched intransigence inhibits the flow that’s inherent to all life.  The higher and broader social schisms forged, the wider the gulf for remedies.  It takes a lot less effort to stop a trickle than a tsunami.  

No one is an island and why vigilance of volition, especially when deployed with technology, is more important than ever.  All voices have never been louder and it’s upending the status quo of systemic injustices, but feeling indignant doesn’t always equate to being right.  And why inherent in our voices and social solutions must be the use of objective unbiased data.  Acceptance by all of what’s collectively known about the environment and personal health and development needs to be heeded by all.  But we have to be willing and open to get out of our comfort silos where our belief blinders reside.  This is a necessary step for freedom and prosocial judgment and action.  Sadly, the greatest threat to our species isn’t a virus or volcano, but ourselves.  But there’s hope in a power that everyone possesses, and that power is volition.  So, let’s all ChoiceUp and make our outputs equal to or greater than our inputs for species sustainability.  How else do we narrow the growing incision of ignorance and greed and elevate the valley of values?