Weathering Why

Everyone at some point in their life has existential inquiries or ponders existence. Some more than others delve deep into the mind-boggling paradoxical and contradictory notions of reality while others simply wonder why they exist. Whenever we contemplate our place in the world or why we find ourselves in a particular circumstance, they are introspections that originate and take place in the mind. How we think is through language and the evolution of man. And to be an authentic and empowered person, everyone should question and be as suspicious and critical as possible of what enters and exists their mind at any point in time. Language has been formed from an innate innocence to communicate more effectively, but it has also evolved in a bilateral way with the ego of man and its susceptibility to divisive thought. Ego is eating away innocence and negatively influencing how we perceive and relate to ourselves and each other. It is driving too many of us apart. Thinking is a physical process and it needs maintenance like a car or any operating system to prevent wear and tear. Likewise, all of us need to occasionally examine why we think and behave the way we do.

We’re all born naked in all ways physically, mentally, and emotionally. No one chose to be born, yet we’re all alive trying to get along with ourselves, each other, the planet, and its inhabitants. Irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion, all of us are essentially the same. Because we’re of the same ilk, we should treat each other the way any one of us would want to be treated. Not conceptually where we leverage or hedge another’s well-being against our own, but genuinely where everyone’s well-being is our well-being. But it’s complicated as all of physical reality is made through relationships, and we’re so entangled with one another and everything that its difficult to get a clear view of the state of things through the thicket of man’s ego and its conditioning from needs, wants, and desires.

Uncompromising innocence where the mind and consciousness emanate, and that is beyond physical thinking is a primary component of the universe, including humans. But it is being lost through the hubris of humanity and man’s ego. Everyone possesses all the shadows of mankind, but we can’t let them darken the world to where we don’t know how to relate responsibly and respectfully towards one another. It’s amazing everyone has volition and the capacity to think and interact in the world, and especially ask the existential question of why. But the contamination of innocence, through the illusions of ego and self-importance that manifests from a sense of entitlement or victimhood, is depleting humanity’s capacity for a healthy balance that is required for all relationships and life itself.

Our species has evolved to this place in time physically, mentally, and emotionally and we can’t escape that. Through humanism and what we know collectively through our species investigations of nature of what works and what doesn’t in relation to social and ecological sustainability is what everyone should consider when making choices. Unfortunately there are many examples of bad choices that have been made through the evolution of man’s ego that has had horrific social and environmental consequences. Most of this suffering made from the ego of man is unnecessary and preventable. And the best way to mitigate human-influenced-suffering is for all of us to recognize and utilize our volition and intents in a balanced and sustainable way. It’s essential for our species self-preservation to allow Nature’s laws to guide us in how we operate – and not human nature. Everyone possesses all the good and bad in them, and unfortunately contaminated innocence is sprawling and becoming too volatile from its inability to recognize the bad effects from the ego.

ChoiceUp is about distilling decisions, finding their essence, and how they influence the world. This practice and the awareness it brings is crucial for recognizing the ego’s biases and bad intent. All of which is available for consideration in the flash of the moment. The paradox of the moment is that the mind is outside of time, but needs that patient timeless influence for how we think to manifest as little human-influenced suffering as possible. But thinking is a very physical process subject to time and relegated by entropy. Freewill and volition are gifts and need to be used wisely and sustainably.

Questioning existence and mortality are made through language and from the ego of man and not nature. Our true nature is pure innocence that is beyond conditioning, thinking, and the ego. And the more of us who conduct our actions from there instead of from the ego and the ethos of our anthropic-dominated world, the better our chances to transform mankind for the better. With haste, all of us need to start moving in this direction collectively and as a species, or the clouds of ego will continue to obscure the necessary light needed to find our way to a more sustainable future. And if we don’t get there soon, we’ll soon lose the opportunity to even weather the question of why.